So look, it's March, I can tell you exactly what’s gonna happen with your online shop in the next few months.

I can tell you, not because I’m Ms. Cleo level psychic

Etsy joke
⬆️ nope, I don’t have the gift…

But because it happens LITERALLY. EVERY. YEAR.

I’m talking about the dreaded SUMMER SLUMP.

It’s that much-feared time of year when everything just kinda goes quiet on Etsy.

And it’s COMING. 🧟

So let’s talk about how YOU can fix it.

Everyone always COMPLAINS about the summer slump (duh – it sucks to get no sales!)

But when we ASK sellers what they did to prepare for the slump…

They just look at us, confused…wondering WTF we’re talking about.

➡️ Did you add new items to your shop specifically FOR summer?
➡️ Did you start preparing for summer in March or April?
➡️ Did you add fresh new trends to your shop even if they're not specific summer items?
➡️ Are you selling seasonal items that won't work in summer? Add summer items too!

YOU can control whether you have a summer slump or not. If you get stuck with no sales this summer, there’s no one to blame BUT YOU.

The summer slump is 100% within your control – Fix it NOW!!!

Now you might be like, “If I KNEW what to add to make summer sales…don’t you think I’d be making them already?!?”

And to that I say - yes, yes you would.

So that’s why I’m gonna be hosting a SUMMER ITEM BLITZ on our brand new Telegram channel.

Here’s what happens during a blitz:

✅ Day 1: We’ll pick TWO holidays (or seasonal events) that you’re gonna make new items for

✅ Day 2: I did all the SEO research FOR YOU! Take my done-for-you trending research and pick some ITEMS to add for your 2 chosen occasions

✅ Day 3: VALIDATE your new product ideas…I’ll show you how to use a 3-step spreadsheet to MAKE SURE your new item ideas will sell!

✅ Day 4: Let’s turn your handful of item ideas into like 20+ items!

Ready to GET OUT AHEAD of that summer slump, and start creating items that will fill your WALLET this summer?

Join me on Telegram to take part in our Summer Blitz. It’s happening April 4th-7th.

FYI – if you like the idea of a Summer Blitz, we’re gonna be doing blitzes EVERY season (YAY 🍁 🎄 🌷 🍉 )…but I’ll only ever do them on TELEGRAM. So join here ↘️ if you wanna sell EVERY season!

I’ll leave you with this because everyone always wants me to tell them what the $5000/month sellers are doing (that nobody else does..)

I talk to a lot of business owners on a daily basis, and recently I realized one major thing that separates the people who make LOTS of sales from everyone else…

Most smaller businesses wait for something to break. THEN they get help… As opposed to finding a solution to prevent the problem from ever happening in the first place.


Small businesses make decisions from a reactive state.

Big businesses make decisions from a proactive state.


If you are below 5k/month ask yourself if you are proactive or reactive in your business. Food for thought 🤔