SO MANY Etsy sellers never get anywhere with their shops. I DON’T want this to happen to you!

In today's podcast about selling on Etsy, our guest — Sarah — shares FIVE big reasons why Etsy sellers stall out.

Sarah even gives some great advice about how to handle ALL five of the reasons sellers fail.

Sarah, thank you! Everyone who sells online NEEDS to hear this ⬇️

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:05] Sarah’s transition from Digital Marketing Director to Etsy Shop owner
  • [3:01] Mindset is the first thing that holds us back
  • [4:55] The “I don’t have enough time or money” excuse
  • [6:22] The “What will people think of me?” excuse
  • [8:22] The “It’s not good enough” excuse
  • [10:24] My take on Sarah’s insights
  • [12:01] Why you have to choose self-discipline

You’ve heard it before — but it’s still true: Mindset matters!

The overall theme of what Sarah shares with us is this… your mindset about Etsy is your biggest hurdle. If you can address mindset, everything else will become a non-issue.

Seriously. It's like MAGIC. ⬇️

Etsy success podcast
⬆️ You can make magic happen, if you actually sit down and TRY SHIT ⬆️

Not sure how to CHANGE what you feel – or think??

When Sarah breaks Etsy mindset down into 5 areas, pay attention. Take notes. ⬆️

Do whatever you need to do to make this stick. Then take ACTION. Do it while you're still EXCITED. Do it while you're THINKING about it!

If you wait – even just ONE day – you'll lose your momentum and NOTHING will change for you. Not now, or ever.

Here's the biggest mindset tip you'll EVER get: DO SHIT WHILE YOU'RE EXCITED ABOUT IT. Stop "waiting" for life to happen!

Sarah literally hands over the keys to success on Etsy. Just listen to see what you need. Really. ⬆️

Most things we say about Etsy are EXCUSES – and if you're angry about this statement, then you are the WORST offender!

The things you THINK are actively ruining your Etsy success. Things like, “I don’t have enough time or money,” or “My Etsy products are not good enough.”

You’ve said things like this to yourself before, haven’t you?

So have I. Honestly…if you DON'T think these things at some point, then you're probably a legit alien 👽

Sarah explains why these things are typically not true. She'll show you what these thoughts DO to us when we believe they ARE true. Then she turns a corner…

And helps us get unstuck. Wow. OMFG! Sarah just gave us all a gift. ⬆️

Wanna open your mindset present? Listen to get the goods.

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