By now, you may have noticed the trend of people selling SVG files on Etsy.

Or perhaps you’ve come across a few and thought, I could sell these!

Sell SVG files on Etsy
⬆️ Examples of SVG files on Etsy ⬆️

However you first came across SVG files, let me lay some truth on you...

Right here and right now: You 100% SHOULD be selling SVGs on Etsy.

It’s a great way to get more buyers to your shop.  

AND...If you’re already selling printables then it’s DAMN easy to convert your items into a different kind of instant download.

(i.e. a 2nd source of passive income! All from work you already did!)

Sounds HELLA easy, right? Let's get into the best way to sell SVGs on Etsy. ⬇️

What on earth is an “SVG”?

Okay, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page here.

An SVG is a Scalable Vector Graphic.

This is just a fancy way of saying it’s an image you can use at ANY SIZE – and it will still be crisp and clear.

So whether you use an SVG as a tiny favicon or print it out across a 20ft billboard, it still keeps its sharp edges and clear detail.

When it comes to Etsy, an SVG files are sought after by CRAFTERS. These crafters use SVGs to make cutouts of a particular file.

Here's a quick gif showing you just ONE thing you could use SVG's for ⬇️

Sell SVG's on Etsy
⬆️ Examples of cutting machines that use SVGs ⬆️

Your customer will typically download the file and then upload it to a machine like Cricut Maker or Silhouette Cameo.

Then buyers use your file and turn it into their desired product. Here are some examples of what you can make with these machines:
✅ Iron-ons
✅ Decals
✅ Stickers
✅ Paper Cards
✅ Paper Art
✅ Designs to press onto clothes
✅ Designs to press onto mugs + hard surfaces
✅ It can even cut fabric (Hint: Pattern makers! Get into SVG's!)

You can see why crafters eat this shit up!

In case you’re wondering, another name for an SVG is… a cut file.

The cut file tells the machine where to cut lines - and can be made bigger or smaller without losing any precision.

Then they’ll use the cutter to print out stickers, or vinyls, or etchings, or cards, or basically...WHATEVER they want!!

Sell Svg files on Etsy joke
⬆️ Crafters be like ⬆️

Why Sell SVGs on Etsy?

While crafters and hobbyists have the TOOLS to create the final product, everybody needs some inspiration.

Remember: not all crafters are DESIGNERS or illustrators!

So sometimes, they need a little help. That's where YOU come in!

If you can make interesting computer designs, then you can turn that design into an SVG in just ONE extra step.

If you’re already selling printables - or you’re interested in more passive income - an SVG is a fantastic way to GROW your sales with minimal extra work.

The joy of an SVG is that once you put it up for sale, people can buy it as many times as they like...

And you never have to do anything else.

There’s no production costs or shipping, or wasted inventory...Or having to make up for broken/incorrect products.

How do I make SVG’s for Etsy?

Making SVGs for Etsy can be done using premium software like Adobe Illustrator. (Affiliate link - click to help me keep this blog free!)

Literally all you need to do is highlight your design, and click "Make Outline".

Here's how I turned one of my designs into an SVG in about 20 seconds flat ⬇️

Sell SVGs on Etsy tutorial
⬆️ 20 second SVG tutorial ⬆️

The program I used here is Illustrator, which is the industry standard – but it DOES cost money (about $8 a month as of writing).

But there are also FREE platforms that you can use to make SVG's. Inkscape gives you a great way to create sharp SVGs that your customers will love.

(If you wanna go the Inkscape route, check out this google search about how to create SVG's for free).

What matters is that you test your SVG file before you sell it - so that you know it works. ⬇️ (I'll show you how to test your files down there) ⬇️

The average price for an SVG file is between $1 and $5, and all it takes is ONE bad review to ruin your new passive income stream.

So let's review an easy way to test your new SVG's.

Test Your SVG Files Before You Put Them Up for Sale!

Testing SVG's is actually super easy.

Here is a fail-proof step-by-step method:

1. Download the Cricut Design Space Software (free)

We're doing this to see how your design will work on a cutting machine. Even if you don't HAVE a cutting machine it doesn't matter – the software will show you a preview of how it will cut.

Download Cricut Design Space Software here

2. Watch This Video and Test Your SVG in about 45 Seconds

SVGs are all different, and this video will show you how to GUARANTEE your SVG is working correctly. It will show you any major issues with your file and how to fix them ⬇️

3. Fix Any Problems

In the video above, my SVG didn't render correctly, so I need to remove the outside border. During your final SVG design step, you need to fix any problems you find with your SVG during testing. (i.e. delete design elements that aren't showing correctly, rearrange artwork or realign if needed, etc).

4. Re-Save Your Fixed SVG, then Upload it for Sale!

Once you remove or fix any problems with your svg, just save it again and you're ready to go! Many customers prefer to get a .svg, .png, and .dxf file with their download. So this is a good time to save your svg as all three!

What SVG’s Sell Best on Etsy?

While making and selling SVGs is a great idea, not every design will sell!

Just like any other item on Etsy, buyers gotta WANT what you're selling...Otherwise you'll never make a dime!

So I want to stress something: you SHOULD be selling SVGs on Etsy. You CAN make SVGs out of any design that belongs to YOU.

But that DOESN’T mean that you can sell any old image...

Because you'll just disappointed when you don’t make sales! Just like anything with Etsy, you get out what you put in.

You want to make sure that you build your SVG files from scratch. Any artwork you find that you don't create by hand is a RISK.

Don't re-use other people's artwork! It's not worth losing your potential sales because you’ve infringed on someone else’s trademark or copyright.

And yes: trademarks apply to phrases and fonts too.

To check if you can use specific artwork or wording, check out these links:
How-to: See if artwork is trademarked
How-to: See if a phrase is trademarked
See what fonts you can use without worry

One thing to remember is that when you look at the trademark it might say it’s trademarked for only one thing - like tees or pins. This is good news - you can use it in your cut file.

Second of all, let's look at top-selling SVGs

Depending on when you're reading this article, trends might change.

So here's a link to Etsy's TOP SELLING SVG page (where you can see what's popular right now – whenever you're reading!)

Right now, I'm seeing this ⬇️

What SVGs should I sell on Etsy
⬆️ Most popular SVGs on Etsy as of right now ⬆️

So there are some pretty clear patterns I'm seeing here.

✅ BUNDLES! If you can bundle a collection of related designs, you can charge more (and sell more!)
✅ Text designs - Phrases that use a variety of fonts mixed together
✅ Collections of cute images that compliment each other
✅ Flowers, botanicals, and other things that reflect this time of year (it's spring)

Bonus Tips & Tricks for Selling SVGs on Etsy

When you sell SVGs, you should include several formats - including a .png, an .svg, and a .dxf file.

You should also include a license with your file that lets people know when and where they can use the file.

Most sellers on Etsy that offer SVGs have a license that clearly states you CANNOT re-use their artwork for sale on Etsy, either as an SVG or as a product on Etsy (like printed on a t-shirt, for example).

BUT if you want to offer a commercial license (so people CAN re-sell your SVG on other Etsy products, like t-shirts)...Then I suggest you charge MORE and offer this as an add-on to your SVGs.

Here's how that might look as an individual listing on Etsy ⬇️

Sell SVGs on Etsy commercial license examples
⬆️ Examples of commercial use license for SVG's on Etsy ⬆️

Also, make sure to let customers know that customers aren’t allowed to resell, trade, or gift your design.

Of course, Etsy isn’t the only place where you can sell your SVGs. If you want to get LOTS of mileage out of these bad boys, you can!

Other places you can sell your SVG designs are:

Creative Market
The Hungry JPEG
Design Bundles
and Creative Fabrica

So there you have it! Go forth, and get your SVG on!

Wanna sell MORE on Etsy... like, YESTERDAY?

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