Meet Pinterest: The BEST Source of Etsy Traffic.

Yes, we all want MAD CRAZY traffic on Etsy.

DUH! But that traffic can be amplified, boosted, and it DOESN’T even have to COME from Etsy!

In my experience, Pinterest is the best source of Etsy traffic.

That’s because you can invest TWO hours per month and get MORE traffic that you have now. (Like, a lot more).

Etsy Pinterest marketing
⇡ What your Pinterest traffic says about Etsy behind it’s back… ⇡

All that *EXTRA* traffic…For literally a TINY SLIVER of the time it takes to get traffic now!

And the tweaks  you need to make Pinterest work are *not that hard*… and if things change with the Pinterest algorithms (like they did for me - you’ll get to hear about that disaster a bit on this episode) you can figure out the problem and FIX IT FAST!!

In case you can’t tell - I’m really CRUSHING on all the pretty traffic Pinterest sends me every month 😍😍😍

Action Plan: Use Pinterest to Get More Etsy Traffic

Here’s What Goes Down in This Episode

  • [0:15] The “Fix My Life” series - fixing things so that they work consistently
  • [2:51] What happened to our Pinterest traffic? It was a catastrophe
  • [3:52] Four types of sellers (yes, I said three) and how to fix the problems they face
  • [9:02] Why Pinterest can fix most of the problems
  • [14:12] What you’ll hear in this series (subscribe so you don’t miss my step by step Pinterest strategy, starting next week!)

4 kinds of Etsy Problems - and how Pinterest might just fix them for you…⇣

So, as we talked about in the Etsy disaster episode, there are four different kinds of Etsy sellers (yes, on the audio I say 3, but you’ll notice I add another one right at the end! Tricky tricky 😉)

  1. Those who sell seasonal items (Pinterest won’t fix this!)
  2. Sellers who have a product people don’t want (Pinterest also won’t help you here!)
  3. People who are not getting enough traffic to their Etsy shop (Pinterest can help with this)
  4. And those who are getting decent traffic but want MORE sales and MORE traffic (Pinterest can help with this, too!)

For those last two - Pinterest IS the answer. So listen, learn, and apply what you hear - and you’ll see these problems disappear right before your eyes!

What I’ll be covering during this Pinterest Series

OK - here’s the scoop: I’ve got a lot of ground to cover over the next 5 episodes, so fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to do some work!

You’ll hear about my personal Pinterest DISASTERS, how I recovered from the ultimate traffic crash (I get VERY specific)…And why I still love Pinterest despite the fact that it tortured me for six months this year. Here’s the short-list of topics:

  • The BIG FAT Pinterest crash of 2019…and the results!
  • My exact Pinterest strategy (with and withOUT tools)
  • How to test and tweak Pinterest until it works for your Etsy shop
  • The best hacks to make sure you’re getting Etsy traffic from Pinterest (not just repins!)
  • Why your social media might NOT be working for you (my hard learned lessons)

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