SASHA’S TIP: Use Google Analytics To Fix One Thing At A Time on Etsy

Most of us are terrified of Google Analytics…

⇡ How it feels to login to Google Analytics… ⇡

There is so much stuff behind that login that seems like PURE GOBBLEDYGOOK.

That’s OK. Really, it is. In this episode, Sasha’s going to help you out with that little problem!

That’s because Sasha was intimidated by the big GA too… until she decided to simply take it one step at a time. She noticed that her “bounce rate” was 100% — and that didn’t sound good.

So she learned what a bound rate is, how to fix it, and got to work. And now she’s attracting buyers to her store who BUY what she has to sell!

Listen to see how simple it is. And it’s free, so you really need to do it! ⇡

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:32] Hooking up your shop to Google Analytics? Really?
  • [2:06] Do you know what “bounce rate” means? You should
  • [3:37] Sasha figured out how to use Google Analytics to work magic in her Etsy shop
  • [5:53] Why using the right product description matters
  • [8:47] Why big traffic numbers are often about vanity, not sales!

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