Over the next TWO months I’m gonna do something I’ve never done before.

We’ll go through each niche on Etsy, one at a time…and I’ll tell you *EXACTLY* what’s working in each category NOW.

You might be like, “BUT I don’t SELL in every category! So how the hell will this help ME???!?”

If you want to make MORE $$ on a regular basis, and sell more shizzle…

You need to get your INSPIRATION from other industries.

Cause here’s the deal: customers already KNOW what every OTHER seller is doing in your niche.

And they’re like *BORRR-ING!!*

Etsy vintage joke
⇡ Customers ALWAYS see the same old same old on Etsy…*YAWN* ⇡

If you wanna stick out, you need to be HELLA different, unique, and offer something  that no other seller does.

Know where you can find EPIC examples of NEW IDEAS no one else is doing right now??

By looking at other categories on Etsy!!

So let’s do JUST THAT.

Today, we’re starting with VINTAGE.

This category is over 10 million items strong — today you’ll be learning about what it takes to stick out in a super busy niche that sells EVERYTHING under the sun.

You’ll see what the top sellers did to make themselves stick out, and we’ll talk about how you can translate their hard work to your own items 😊 (Whether you sell vintage or not!)

Listen now ⇡ (up there!) to get it all.

Our Next Episode will show you Why Craft Sellers Make the MOST SALES on Etsy…far outpacing every other category!!

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  • We’ll be going IN-DEPTH on Craft sellers (just like we did in this episode!)
  • Do you sell Art Prints? Fine Art? The episode about your niche is coming out in two weeks!
  • We’ll cover EVERY big category on Etsy, from jewelry to weddings to home decor.
  • Just wanna know all the BIGGEST tricks top sellers from every niche are using now? Wanna know how they work and how you can add them to your shop? It’s all coming over the next two months.

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