Sharon’s Story: Make Etsy Work Faster When You Have NO Time

Etsy feels like a time-sucking MONSTER sometimes…But the truth is it doesn’t matter if you are a busy, work-at-home Mom / Dad / Half alive lump…

You can STILL get shit done in VERY little time!!

Sharon’s advice comes from her experience of being exactly that (the Mom part, not the Dad part lol).

She’s learned how to use Pinterest, YouTube, and her website to drive traffic to her Etsy products and generate sales all with VERY LITTLE TIME.

You can do exactly what Sharon did, no matter your situation. Listen to hear the details.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:20] Sharon’s story includes quick success through persistent patience!
  • [2:01] More traffic with less (or little) work through YouTube, Pinterest, and Google
  • [2:57] How Sharon started her traffic machine using Pinterest
  • [4:32] Adding YouTube to the traffic machinery
  • [5:53] The path Sharon followed to add Google to the mix
  • [7:45] Using freebies to capture email addresses!
  • [11:05] My recap of Sharon’s amazing advice

Resources & People Mentioned

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