What is Tribe Hire?

Tribe Hire is a tool for all you cool cats and kittens out there who want to sell MORE on Etsy, and make the process easier by automating parts of your shop.

Sorry, I watched Cats last night and Memories is stuck in my head. I wasn’t kitten around though. 😹

If you sell on Etsy, Tribe Hire is your godsend.

✅ If you have an item that just isn't selling and you don't know why...
✅ Or if you ever wished you could get a top Etsy seller to just DO your SEO for you...
✅ Or if you want to start getting more traffic with Pinterest but you don't know how...

Then those are just a FEW of the things other Etsy sellers are doing with Tribe Hire these days.

Basically, if you sell on Etsy, you know in order for your products to SELL, they have get FOUND...

And to get FOUND, your items need good SEO...And maybe even some kick ass marketing on Pinterest or Insta...

That’s why more and more smarty-pants sellers are hiring Etsy experts to SPEED up their results!

Think of it like your own Etsy virtual assistant. (Which you can also get on Tribe Hire, by the way).

“Yes Jeeves, please make my products 100% more desirable. Yes, that will be all.”

It’s that easy! But please don’t call anyone Jeeves...

Don't Need Any Help with Your Etsy Shop?

Maybe this isn’t you. Maybe you’re like, “Nah bro, I market like a friggin' boss.”

Okay, well guess what, you can sell your abilities to other Etsy sellers on Tribe Hire.

No joke. You can use your mad skills with Pinterest, Etsy SEO, photography...Anything that you know you’re a badass at doing, you can sell on Tribe Hire.

In fact, Tribe Hire sellers are making SERIOUS mola helping other Etsy sellers ⇣

What is Tribe Hire for Etsy
⇡ Why YES, you CAN make money selling your Etsy skills on Tribe Hire, thanks for asking! ⇡

So yeah, you get to sell your own items on Etsy... and then make even more cash MONEEEEY helping other people sell theirs.

Then you become:

How Do Etsy Sellers Use Tribe Hire?

Okay, so most Etsy sellers use Tribe Hire to buy help from experienced Etsy sellers ...OR to sell their skills to other Etsy sellers.

It’s like Taskrabbit, but for Etsy. You tell someone what you need, and they make it happen. Automating your Etsy shop will make your life all peaches and gravy. Let’s break it down.  ⇣ ⇣

✅ If you’re a seller on Etsy then you might need some help with the ever so confusing SEO (search engine optimization) which is by far the biggest downfall of any Etsy seller.

✅ The creation and development of your Etsy shop is also a big one. If you’re desperately trying to add new products, manage existing products, or stuck on what to create next, you can use an Etsy shop assistant.

✅ Even if you’re an Etsy n00b, and you don’t have a shop yet, you can hire someone to set up an Etsy shop for you!

Talk about a MASSIVE load off your shoulders ⇣ ⇣

Tribe Hire for Etsy
⇡ What it's like when someone else does it FOR you ⇡

What do other sellers say about hiring someone from Tribe Hire?

Let's look at some sellers who got help using Tribe Hire and see what they think...

Tribe Hire for Etsy reviews
Our first seller, Rebecca, wanted more traffic with Pinterest

Rebecca Got More Traffic with Pinterest

"Miranda is A-FRICKIN'-MAZING. She really helped me think outside the box. I was super stuck and feeling very lost on which direction to go on with Pinterest. Miranda guided me out of the woods and gave me a real direction."

See who Rebecca Hired Here

Tribe Hire for Etsy reviews
Ruth wanted her Etsy SEO to get a boost...

Ruth Got an SEO Audit to Improve Her Sales

"Thank you so much for the SEO help! I can't wait to see the traffic improvement! Everything was presented very professionally and Stephanie was excellent to work with."

Meet Ruth's SEO Expert Here

Tribe Hire for Etsy reviews
Christine was sick of choosing Etsy tags, so she has someone else do it

Christine Got an Expert to Choose Her Etsy Tags

"Jen very quickly provided me with a huge list of keywords for my tags section! All clearly ordered so it was very easy for me to just add them to my listings. There are great keywords I never thought of AT ALL... Thank you!!!"

Get This for Your Shop Here

Who Should Use Tribe Hire?

When it comes to getting help with Etsy, think of it this way: we all suck at something.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could fill the gaps where with people that not only DON'T suck, but are EXPERTS? And then you both make all the money?!

Hellz yes.

Everyone knows the less time you spend bullshitting around with technical nonsense, the more time you’ll have to SELL products. Let your products live their best lives, Buttercup!

How much money can I make on Tribe Hire if I sell my skills?

Okay, so this is the VERY BEST part.

You can get paid to do what you’re already doing as a seller on Etsy (!!!)

But here's the kicker: When you do it for other people, it pays WAY more.

Tribe Hire sellers earn an average of $2000 extra dollars a month! That is some wild ass shit. I mean, I’ve worked jobs that didn’t pay me that much in 3 months.

If you are working from home or want to work from home, this is a perfect way to beef up that bank account.

Is Tribe Hire Worth a try?

I mean, do you like earning money? I’m willing to bet you do. I’m willing to bet the answer is actually YAS QUEEN.

And it should be. Whether you need to hire an Etsy expert or you want to become one, this is the right choice for you.

Don’t waste your OWN time anymore, you’re better than that. Don’t sell yourself short. You have talents that no one else has and you should use them to benefit your buyers, other sellers, and YOURSELF.

Check out Tribe Hire to learn more.