We’re all secretly a *little bit* terrified of this whole “I run an online business” thing…

*When you think those scary af thoughts*, like:

  • What if no one wants my items on Etsy? What if I never sell anything?
  • What if I create a trendy item that STOPS trending…and half my income disappears overnight?
  • What if there’s an electromagnetic pulse and the internet isn’t a thing anymore?!?!?

I may not be able to help you with that last one, but I can show you why the others AREN’T WORTH WORRYING ABOUT.

Yup. I JUST gave you permission to stop worrying about shit.

Because in today, our Coaching Student is gonna learn how to take ANY shop (yes, I said ANY shop!) and add the RIGHT items…you know, ones that BOOST sales, INCREASE views, and help you GROW faster.

…And we’re talking year round, kids! I’ll show you how to find what’s trending, and create things that sell over and over again.

Then, after the video, I’ll show you how to TRANSCEND the trend, and find items that sell all the time, no matter what’s on trend right now. (In fact, you don’t ever need to give a shit about trends again, if you want!)

Ready to dive in? Get it all here:

UK Handmade Gothic Victorian inspired by Theblackwardrobe on Etsy
You searched for: Theblackwardrobe! Discover the unique items that Theblackwardrobe creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting Theblackwardrobe, you’re supporting a small business…
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Not sure if you need to open a 2nd shop like our seller should? Wanna know WHEN it’s time to open a 2nd shop, and what you need to know if you think you’re ready? Learn all about Opening a 2nd Shop on Etsy here.

Ready to TRANSCEND the Trend?? Use the video below to see what sells on Etsy WHEN, regardless of all that crap that’s popular right now! Learn how to beat the Trends here!

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