Sellers ALWAYS have some "magical" *THING* that makes their Etsy shop explode...

And it seems like most of them are just fluffy BS that do a whole lot of NOTHING. But once in a while, you get a DIAMOND in the rough.

Here's a HINT: If the seller giving advice uses the same tactic to increase their sales TWICE, it's probably a winner! Listen to see what Carrie did to increase her sales over and over ⬇️

This episode, Carrie shares a trick she learned that ACTUALLY got her great results. But there’s a catch…

You’ll have to listen to learn what it is.

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⬆️ When Etsy tips ACTUALLY do something ⬆️

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:06] Carrie’s tip: there’s 5 steps, so pay attention!
  • [3:51] Diving into Carrie’s process and approach
  • [5:33] When advice like this will NOT work
  • [8:50] How to know if this will work for your shop

What Carrie did to increase her sales - TWICE

Here’s the quick step by step version of what Carrie did…

  1. Create one new listing
  2. Renew one of your existing listings
  3. Tweak one listing
  4. Tweak your shop in some way
  5. Do 3 social media shares

Carrie did this for 15 days straight.

She says she got great results just before the holidays – which is suspicious, because don't we ALL get a boost during the holidays??

So what happened when she did when there were NO holidays in sight?

Listen and you’ll know.

Does it harm your shop?

When you listen to Etsy advice, you need to STOP and THINK.

Don't just blindly do what other sellers tell you to do.

Instead, take this very important thing into consideration: ↙️

Will the advice hurt your shop in any way?

If the advice might cause problems, or it breaks Etsy's rules, STEER CLEAR.

Here's a good way to tell if advice is "BAD" - does it involve a TON of work?? For example, do you have to be on the computer, doing something over and over again for a VERY long time??

(i.e. ADD 1000 listings, even if they're not good – or favorite everyone's shop and ask them to favorite yours ALL the time! ⬅️ These are USELESS tips that will RUIN your shop's conversion rate, which Etsy hates).

If the advice being given poses NO RISK to your shop, then it's worth a try!

In this episode I walk through the ways I FILTER Etsy advice...And I'll even share how I’d go about using Carrie's strategy if I were doing it myself.

Don’t miss it 😉

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