Ever wonder how some sellers create BESTSELLER after BESTSELLER??

They seem to know the magic FRIGGIN’ formula for awesome…And its a secret that no one will share with you!

⇡ Where can YOU get some of that? ⇡

Well, for the next MONTH we’re gonna learn all things TRENDING on Etsy…starting with that big beautiful podcast up there 😉 ⇡

Today’s episode is all about what a trending item can DO for your Etsy shop. You’ll learn how it can help you kick ass at all things SEO, create more sales for your entire shop, and FORCE you to clean up the “mess” in your biz.

I’ll talk about the massive DISASTERS I ran into when two of my items went viral…and exactly what I had to do to keep the shop from crumbling down around me in the process.


This is the first episode of the Etsy Trends series. It is being sent to paying and  non-paying subscribers, so everyone can get a sense for how it works and what the content is like.

This is what’s coming up next ⇣

Next week = How do I know what’s Trending WHEN?

Then You’ll Get Part 2: Your Complete Etsy Trend Report for 2020.

Followed by Part 3: Let’s go shopping together! See trends in action.

And a BONUS: Holidays that SELL OUT on Etsy!

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The links below provide more detail about the times I was featured on Etsy, and how you can try to get your items featured.