Welcome to Week 2 of the Etsy Disasters challenge! This week, you'll learn how to take DROOL-worthy Etsy photos 🤩 that sell your products, over and over. (Score!)

If you missed the Etsy disasters challenge, you can always start from the beginning HERE.

Etsy photos are like the pain-in-the-ass that just keeps on giving.

Once you actually figure out HOW to take good photos (um, can you say *difficult*), then you have to make sure you have the RIGHT photos…

Because as you may have noticed, the product photo competition on Etsy is FIERCE.

In today’s Etsy Disaster episode, we’re talking about:

  • How you can take THE BEST photos ever.
  • What the hell you’re supposed to do about all those listing photos you need.
  • What kind of photos SELL items, over and over.

⇣ When you’re done listening, here’s a goodie bag!

Wanna learn more about Etsy photos that SLAY the competition? Here are my favorite fixes for photos: