Etsy Ad Hacks To Increase Your Sales

It’s easy to watch your money slip away while trying to dial in your Etsy ads…

In fact, it might look a bit like this trainwreck right here ⇣

Etsy ads
⇡ When you think Etsy Ads will just *work like magic* with no effort at all… ⇡

Do you feel my pain?

This episode I’m sharing some insights from my Tribe members who are telling us what’s working with Etsy ads and what isn’t ⇣

Etsy ads are not some “formulaic thing” where every seller can do the exact same thing and make money.

It’s simple: Your products are UNIQUE. Your shop is UNIQUE.

SO…Your ad results will be COMPLETELY FRIGGIN’ DIFFERENT than everybody elses’!

There’s no such thing as basic bitchery here.

You really ARE living in a world of unique hipster snowflakes!

So, how do you know how much money to spend on Etsy ads? Do you just throw a pile of cash at them and expect results?

Nope. Not even close.

But YOU CAN systematically use ads to discover a “sweet spot” that will get you the most sales for the least amount of money!!

Sound interesting? It is — keep listening! ⇡ ⇡

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:25] Results we’re seeing with the new Etsy ads
  • [5:44] How to get Etsy-only ads without the hassle of Google
  • [7:50} Learn to adjust your spending for the best results
  • [13:49] Discover the tags that are hottest for your items (it’s buried in your stats)
  • [15:54] Long-tail tags are a MUST!

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