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Woot, it’s BONUS time!

Today is the final Etsy trends podcast episode. (Did you miss the others? Get started with PART 1 of our Etsy trend breakdown HERE).

And after today, you’ll have ZERO excuses when you “forget” to make items for a best-selling holiday.

(Raise your hand if you remembered to create Mother’s Day items…)

*insert crickets here*

trends on Etsy joke
⇡ When you remember all the holidays you missed on Etsy… ⇡

So instead of adding EVERY SINGLE holiday to your calendar…then “trying” to remember when you need to create new items…

I’m only gonna discuss the holidays you need to care about NOW.

None of this pointless distraction bullshit.

I’ll tell you what matters NOW, and what you can do about holidays you already missed.

Those holiday items are a HUGE opportunity for MAD crazy sales this summer…so let’s learn how to make that shit happen! Listen up there 😉 ⇡

⇣ When you’re done listening, here’s a goodie bag!

Why yes, trending items CAN change your life. Here are a few tips for creating items that trend HARD on Etsy: