I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again...


Sorry not sorry, it’s facts ya’ll.

While it might seem arbitrary, I promise, there is nothing more attention-grabbing than a clear product video.

Videos are actually PROVEN to be the quickest, easiest way to make money on Etsy. In fact, we have HARD PROOF waiting for you right here.

If you're worried about creating a ZILLION videos for every single Etsy product...Don't worry – I'll show you how to get your product videos done with TOOLS that do it for you 😉 So let's streamline your life, Buttercup!

Should I really bother with videos on Etsy?

If you REALLY want to make more sales and become successful on Etsy, videos are the ticket!

I shit you not, customers LOVE videos.

That's why Etsy has published no less than 134 articles about video in their seller handbook...(Hint: check out the TOP 4 for advice about video in your listings).

But Do Videos *ACTUALLY* Make More Sales?

Posting a good video listing can be the difference between no sales and selling out. Not kidding. ⬇️

⬆️ The same Etsy shop. Sales during 30 days WITHOUT video (0) and WITH video (19) ⬆️

In this graph ⬆️ you're looking at one Etsy shop.

Without any videos, her shop made ZERO sales in 30 days.

During the next 30 day period, this seller added VIDEO to all her listings.

And even though NOTHING ELSE changed, she made 19 sales in 30 days!

Read the full case study here.

Video Affects Your TRAFFIC, too!

If you think those SALES numbers are great, you gotta see how her TRAFFIC blew up once she added video...

⬆️ From barely any visits to over 100% increases in product visits!! ⬆️

This means Etsy KNOWS whether your products have video or not.

And they KNOW that customers are more likely to buy an item that has a video. So it makes total sense that they're sending listings WITH VIDEO more traffic!

Ready the entire case study here - and you can see the total traffic and sales for each item that used a video!

So yes. You absolutely NEED videos for each Etsy item you sell.

It would actually HURT you not to use video on Etsy!

And there's literally NO REASON to skip making a product video...Except the one I'm about to tell you below

But I suck at filming.

That’s okay! (lol so do I...Welcome to the club!)

You don’t have to have a degree in videography to make good Etsy  videos.

Heck, you don’t even have to film. All you have to do is ↙️

1. Have an Etsy store and
2. Have photos of your products.
That’s it.

What? How??!

Easy. There are fantastic tools out there that will make Etsy videos FOR YOU.

Yup. You don’t have to waste time on expensive video sets and equipment. Just use a tool that does it for you! ⬇️

What tools will make Etsy videos for me?

I’ve highlighted my favorite Etsy video makers a few here to show a nifty little comparison. You’re welcome. ⬇️


What it does

Minta takes your established catalog from Etsy and turns it into auto-created videos for your shop. Photos, music, and more will be perfectly curated to reel in your customers and get you more sales! You can even have Minta auto-post your videos to social media on a regular schedule.

Why it’s cool

Minta stands out because it’s so freaking easy to use. You literally just sign up and then you have videos FOREVER. You can use and re-use your content as long as you like without limits. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Example Video

Here's an example video from minta ⬇️

Pros / Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Content forever
  • Affordable
  • High-quality videos
  • Fast
  • Proven to boost sales
  • Over 30 music tracks to choose from
  • Selection of fonts is sizeable so you can match videos to your branding


  • Automation requires a payment plan
  • Some videos appear generic

Price (Free - $29/month)

Minta is currently 100% FREE FOR ETSY SELLERS until August 1st 2021!!

If you're reading this after August 1st, Minta has a 7-day free trial available. You will not be asked for a credit card so you know that this trial is ACTUALLY free. In my opinion, this tool is worth a try. Can't lose on a free trial!

Free Trial:

  • 5 video shares or downloads per month
  • Automated video catalog
  • All customization features

Unlimited Plan:

  • $29 per month or $14.50 a month billed yearly ($174)
  • Unlimited videos
  • Instagram and Facebook auto-posting
  • Automated video catalog
  • All customizations
  • Link account to one online store


What it does

Biteable is a classic drag and drop video editor. Just upload all your Etsy photos, pick a template, and drop in your pics.

You can also use video with Biteable - so if you have existing video of your products (or stock video from a print on demand supplier, for example!) – You can use their templates to spice it up!

Why it’s cool

Biteable is cool because their templates and tried, tested, and you can turn an Etsy video into one for Pinterest or Instagram in just one click! It's easy to turn one video into several, and use them all over the place!

Example Video

Here's an example video from Biteable ⬇️

Pros / Cons


  • Full creative control
  • Unique templates
  • High-quality videos
  • 100% created by a professional
  • Affordable


  • No social media automation (it won't post for you)
  • Some videos appear generic
  • Can been time consuming
  • You need a paid plan if you don't want the Biteable watermark on your videos

Price (Free-$19/month)

You can get a free MONTH of Biteable by clicking right here 😊 Prices for design animation vary from $10 for a commercial use video to upwards of $100 for an extended license (more than 5000 views).

Creative Market

What it does

With Creative Market you can purchase animated commercials for your products. Whether it be mugs, t-shirts, or other customizable products, Creative Market has plenty of options. While this site doesn’t exclusively produce videos, they do have a more individual feel to each video, so you can really nail down your style.

Why it’s cool

Creative Market is cool because it offers the ability to select a unique style designed by a real artist. Your products will come across as incredibly one of kind. In fact, everything is under your control with an option like this.

Example Video

Here's an example video from Creative Market ⬇️

Pros / Cons


  • Full creative control
  • Unique templates
  • High-quality videos
  • 100% created by a professional
  • Affordable


  • Relies on Photoshop
  • Requires more work from you
  • Can been time consuming (the example above took me 20 minutes to figure out...but only 5 minutes once I understood how to use it)
  • Only one video template per purchase

Price ($10-100)

Prices for design animation vary from $10 for a commercial use video to upwards of $100 for an extended license (more than 5000 views).

Loom for Digital Items

What it does

If you're selling digital items, then you might be at a loss for how to make a video out of something that only exists in the cloud...

Don't worry, Loom is here to rescue you 😉 You can use loom to record your screen and show digital buyers exactly how to DOWNLOAD and USE their digital items!

BONUS: A video like this ⇣ makes it immediately obvious that your item is digital – no more endless questions like, "when will my item ship??"

Why it’s cool

You can record your desktop in a single click. You can also record your phone or tablet in a single click. Capture whatever customers are most likely to see – just by doing what you'd normally do on your computer!

Example Video

Here's an example video I made with Loom. It shows customers how to edit one of my digital cards ⬇️

Pros / Cons


  • Easy
  • The FREE plan is probably all you'll need
  • You can literally record anything in one click, on any device
  • Add audio or don't - your choice
  • Loom automatically captions all your videos for free! (as of writing)


  • You can't change the size of videos for social media
  • It's a little difficult to edit videos with loom, so you may have to record several times to get your ideal video

Price (Free - $8/month)

Loom has a GREAT free plan, which is all that most digital download sellers will ever need. I use the $8/month plan because I have recorded over 100 videos, and I also need unlimited video length – two things you may never use! (Hint: start with free).

Clothing Video Mockups on Etsy

What it does

For clothing videos, there is a place we all know and love here to help. Yup. It’s Etsy. Visit Sondersquare and easily download the PDF and instructions on how to incorporate your items. It takes some work, but the final videos are *chefs kiss*.

Why it’s cool

You can choose from a wide variety of styles to match your general aesthetic as well as how many downloads you want all from the store. It’s super easy and super affordable.

Example Video

Here's an example video from Etsy ⬇️

Pros / Cons


  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Designed for Etsy AND social media


  • Requires time and effort
  • Only able to generate video as many times as purchased

Price ($10-85)

For a set of 5 downloads, the price is $10, while 100 downloads are $85. There are often special deals on Etsy items often, so if that's your jam, keep an eye out for those.

*Affiliate Disclosure + Deets

Yup, this article has affiliate links in it. If you click those links, I get a small commission, but it doesn't cost you anything extra. Affiliate links help me keep my content FREE for you to read. (It costs $700 a month just for this blog to exist!)

Before you go screaming, "everyone on the internet is just here to SELL me something! Screw you people, I can't trust anyone!"

Let me just tell you the REAL TEA...🫖

You may have noticed from my rant about how much I HATE Shopify (here), that I don't just affiliate with anyone who's willing to pay me.

In fact, Shopify offered me MORE $$ than any other affiliate ever has. And I still wrote this article about exactly how much I don't like Shopify, complete with NO affiliate links.

So when I decided to learn more about the products on this page (like Minta and Biteable), it was because we were seeing MAJOR traffic and sales increases from videos, and these platforms cater to Etsy sellers like us.

I HATE that YouTube (and Insta...and Facebook...) have become a money grab for anyone with an affiliate link, and I bet you do too.

So I figured, hey...I'm gonna just treat you the way I want to be treated.

And when I use a tool I really like, that has serious life-changing abilities...Well, I'm gonna share that tool. Whether they affiliate with me or not.

On THAT note, I make an effort to share ALL the tools I like, even if they WON'T affiliate with me (Corjl, I'm looking at you – I'm also sending you some pretty obvious HINTS, Loom).

These articles showcase a tool that will help you out in a BIG way, but for whatever reason, they don't do affiliate relationships.

But it's a tool that could CHANGE the results you get online, so I share it anyway.

If you're curious about which tools I LOVE (and hate)...You can see them all rounded up right here:

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