*GASP* – Imagine never dreading another Etsy convo ever again (!!)

Good customer service is about so much more than just dealing with those “let me speak to the manager” types…

Having positive interactions with the people in your convos is critical to getting repeat business, rave reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals!

This is an especially great place to invest if you’re struggling to keep those new messages in check…

Or if you have custom orders options that need to be managed…

OR if you just HATE having to paste a smile on your face while you “play nice”.

Let's Get to the Good Stuff ⇣

Message Bird: Talk to your customers anywhere, from ONE PLACE.

MessageBird | Zero friction, omnichannel communication
APIs, tools, customer support software, and a global connectivity network to elevate business to customer relationships.
Etsy customer service
⇡ What if your Etsy customer service was this smooth? ⇡

Imagine NEVER having to switch between a million different applications just to give customers what they want.

If you want ONE centralized inbox, where you can talk to customers and get them what they need, Message Bird is a great option!

Try Message Bird here.

Many Chat: Use Facebook messenger for customer service

...and Automate Sales Announcements, reminder messages, customer updates etc

Messenger Bot Marketing Made Easy with ManyChat
Reinvent how you connect with your customers. ManyChat allows you to engage with your customer 24/7 — leverage the power of marketing automation today!
Etsy customer service
⇡ What if customers could fix their OWN problems on Facebook Messenger?? ⇡

The future is now: you can program Many Chat to solve common customer problems with just a few clicks!

Check out the example above ⇡, where a customer is looking for a certain sleeping bag they can't find.

The chat bot asks them a few questions, then displays all the options that match what the customer wants! Talk about making your life 1000% BETTER!

Try Many Chat here.

Hey.com: Get the ULTIMATE email inbox and gift yourself the smoothest, easiest customer service EVER.

Email at its best, new from Basecamp.
Etsy customer service
⇡ Get an email inbox that organizes itself, so you can just do the important stuff and leave ⇡

Email sucked for years. Not anymore — HEY fixed it. Transforms email into something you want to use, not something you’re forced to deal with.

This program makes it EFFICIENT, quick and easy to help customers. Unlike current email programs, you have access to all your snippets, files, pictures, replies and comments in one place. No more switching back and forth just to help a customer!

Get email under control: make sure it only bothers you with what you NEED to do – nothing else. Save HOURS of distraction and put customers (aka your MONEY) first with a program like this.

See how HEY works right here.

What About PEOPLE who Can Do Customer Service FOR YOU???

If you feel like you'd be eternally happy if you NEVER saw an Etsy convo again, then this part is for you...

Ready to get Etsy Customer Service off your plate, once and for all?

Hire an Etsy expert to do it for you!

Did you know that Etsy sellers actually OFFER up their services to other Etsy sellers?? Yup, it's a real thing, and it happens on a place called Tribe Hire.

TribeHire: Automate Your Etsy Shop
Hire Pro Etsy Sellers to Create the E-Commerce Shop of Your Dreams. Want to AUTOMATE Your Etsy Shop, Then Sit Back and Collect Your Money? Make it happen on Tribehire.
⇡ Tribe Hire is where you can hire Etsy sellers to do things for you ⇡

Here are some of the Customer Service Packages available for Etsy sellers on Tribe Hire ⇣

Etsy Convo Templates Done For You

5 Customer Support Templates (Etsy Convos or Email) - Tribe Hire
5 Customer Support Templates (Etsy Convos or Email) for $50 per package by ✅ Teph Williams on Tribe Hire

Do you get the same questions again and again...and again? Do you feel like your responses are never quite right? Do you just wish you could click a button and take care of it?

Most large companies have templates for their customer support! This saves time and makes it easy to respond to Etsy convos and emails.

But the last thing you want is a template that sounds like a template.

That's where Teph comes in! She has 8 years experience on Etsy and regularly works with us here at Birch, Please 😊

You can find out more about this package here.

Etsy Convo + Email Management

Etsy Customer Support (Etsy Convos and/or Emails) - Tribe Hire
Etsy Customer Support (Etsy Convos and/or Emails) for $25 per hour by ✅ Teph Williams on Tribe Hire

Is the customer service part of Etsy distracting you from being creative and filling orders?

Teph is here to help!

Her approach to customer service is flexible. She works with you to find the best approach to handing your Etsy convos so your customers get the best support possible!

Teph has 8 years of customer service experience, including 4 years working for an international fortune 500 company, 3 years doing social media and support for a 7k+ person convention, and a 5-star review rating on Etsy.

See Teph's services on Tribe Hire here 😊

Etsy Convos Done for You

Get Etsy Convo Management by the Hour - Tribe Hire
Get Etsy Convo Management by the Hour for $35 per hour by Amelie Hubert on Tribe Hire

Tired of replying to customers?

If customer service is not your thing and you want to be free of distractions to do what you love to do, Amelie can help!

She has years of customer service experience, as well as a 5-star Etsy shop. She can manage your Etsy conversations by answering questions, providing additional information and dealing with possible exchanges or refunds.

When you book your first hour of service, it starts with a 20 minutes phone conversation so that she can get to know your shop and products, and decide how many hours a day/week we both agree on.

Amelie will reply to your messages within 5 hours or less, and send you a to-do list at the end of each day. She can also compile the frequently asked questions and create a personalized FAQ for your shop.

See how to hire Amelie right here.