I’m not going to lie to you, selling on Shopify is a friggin' scam. There, I said it. Blog post over. But it’s not that simple, is it?

I just said the exact opposite of what you’ve been told, and maybe you wanna throat punch me a little. I get it.

I, too, have fallen for the myth of website sales...

⬆️ When the internet LIES to you ⬆️

Here’s the deal: I wanna save you from falling into the money pit of dead dreams.

So, let me explain WHY Shopify is waste of time and money... I’ll break down step by step why Shopify sucks and why something like Etsy might be a better choice for you.

I’ve been there and I know my shit. While I was making thousands of dollars in sales on Etsy each month, my Shopify site would bring me around $12.47 of that.

While other blogs may be PAID to scream the "magic" of Shopify from every rooftop, I’m giving you the cold hard facts...

Direct from a human (read: ME) who ⬇️

✅ Sold on Shopify for two years, and paid about $2000 to try various plugins etc.
✅ Is actually a google-certified SEO expert who used to work in Silicon Valley
✅ Has an active blog that gets 70k page views per month...
🚫 and STILL couldn't get Shopify to work as well as Etsy.

⬆️ I'll do the Shopify dance for you one more time... ⬆️

Let's start with the basics...

Why do people sell on Etsy?

It’s easy, it’s super cheap to get started, and your products are automatically on display in front of 30 million + buyers.

30 MILLION + BUYERS. I know... It’s overwhelming to suddenly have your stuff in front of SO many people... But it’s also important.

When you choose Etsy, you can automatically reach 30 million peeps without dropping mega cash on ads or other BS.

This is unheard of pretty much anywhere else...(Besides Amazon, which is ALSO a better option than Shopify).

Translation: FREE Traffic + A built-in fan base of shoppers + Not having to create your own website = jackpot for entrepreneurs.

⬆️ This kid is NOT over-exaggerating! ⬆️

Why do people sell on Shopify?

Because they think they need a website to look “professional”...

And they’re constantly told that if they build it, traffic will come (which is an outright lie unless you’re a marketing savant).

Oh, and let's not forget the fear-mongering from paid blog posts telling you that failure is inevitable if you only have one sales outlet.

To be fair, using only one sale outlet is a risk, yes...

But trusting Shopify with your entire livelihood is a much higher risk. You don’t need to depend on a website to drive sales or to look more professional.

(Oh and an EMAIL LIST literally fixes all that "you-don't-own-your-business" fear-mongering. If you're really scared about not owning Etsy, get yourself an email list, not a website!)

All you need is ONE place to focus all your energy. Once your business grows (to $75k per year or more) THEN you can think about expanding.

Until then, stop listening to the BS, and stop spending money for no reason!

(Oh, and even if you are at 75k+, I still DON'T recommend Shopify. As much as I kinda hate Amazon, it's always a better choice).

Shopify vs Etsy: What’s the cost difference?

Let’s look at costs for the lowest, mid-range, and highest plans on both Shopify and Etsy.


Lowest Plan Cost:

Shopify Lite is $9 a month but is really only useful for those that have an existing website and need back-end services like drop shipping, linking a website to Facebook ads, processing payments, and abandon cart save.

Mid-Range Cost:

The plan simply named “Shopify” is priced at $79 a month with 2.6% credit card rates, 2.5% in-person rates, and additional payment fees at 1.0%. This plan is almost exactly the same as Shopify Lite except you will receive Advanced Report Builder and Third-party calculated Shipping Rates.

Highest Plan Cost:

Shopify Plus costs around $2000 a month. Packed with unnecessary “future-proofing” like AR, video, and 3D media...as well as complicated language promising more sales fast, this plan targets those with multiple businesses and employees.


Lowest Plan Cost:

Etsy’s standard plan is free. That’s right, you pay nothing to sign up with Etsy, and there's no monthly charge. You will pay 20 cents for each listing, and 5.5% on every sale. You can also choose to pay for things like postage, but overall Etsy has your back.

Mid-Range Plan Cost:

The Plus Plan is $10 a month, only $1 more than Shopify’s lowest plan. With this plan you receive:

  • 15 listing credits monthly (the equivalent of $3 in listings)
  • $5 USD in Etsy Ads credits (per month)
  • Free store domains
  • 50% off select domain extensions: .com .net and .ca
  • Discounts on customized web address
  • Discounts on custom packaging and promotional materials
  • Advanced shop customization tools

Not to mention the ability to customize your shop with banners, featured listings, and restock requests. Basically, you get everything and you pay next to nothing!

You know what else is FREE? My Etsy Quiz. Take it here!

Highest Plan Cost:

Nah bro, that’s it. Etsy only has the 2 plans because they aren’t trying to rob you.

What it’s like to run your own website…

Basically, imagine making your products and being really excited to sell them...
And then paying lots of money to do so...
Only to be faced with suddenly becoming a marketing manager.

As you may have noticed, NONE of the Shopify plans come with any form of digital marketing or advertising. They give you the ability to PAY for it, but they don’t do any advertising for you.

You are solely responsible for making sure people see your website, so sure you might get some traffic from posting on Insta or Facebook, but when that dries up...then what?

Most people will say "buyers will find me on Google!"

But is that actually TRUE??

Google has no intention of helping you. As I mentioned in an old-ass blog article, Google’s search engine has STILL only catalogued 0.003% of the websites that exist worldwide.

You know what? That. Just. Sucks.

And it DEFINITELY won't help your shop succeed.

Why it will ALWAYS be easier to start on Etsy

Your products are automatically on display in front of 30 million + buyers.

You would have to be the OWNER of google to send that much traffic to your own freshly launched website.

Most websites are lucky to get 100 views per MONTH. On average, that would lead to 2 sales per month on your own website. Can you make a living off two sales?? I can’t...

⬆️ The reality of selling on your own website ⬆️

Many people revert to paying for google ads as a “shortcut” to more traffic.

But google ads are EXPENSIVE and can range from $350-$500 a month -- and if you’re paying $350 a month to sell a product that makes you a $10 profit...

That means ads would have to sell at least 30 of your items each month just to BREAK EVEN.

Doesn’t seem like a very wise business strategy...does it?

But everyone SAYS I should have my own website!

That’s because they want you to PAY for a website.

Do you know how much Shopify gives bloggers for an affiliate sale??? It's A LOT.

Like $250 a pop or something. Just 10 people using a Shopify affiliate link = $2500. And all for very little work!

For that amount of (easy) money, most people will sell their Grandma down the river.

Fact is, I'm over it. Officially.

Shopify didn't do anything but cost me money when I used it.

We have over 1000 Etsy sellers in our paid programs. NONE of them rave about Shopify. Literally zero.

So if my sellers aren't raving about it, then why the HELL would I promote it to you???

Websites USED to be the only way to make your business look professional. This advice is outdated. ⬇️

⬆️ When someone says your biz will be "more professional" with a website ⬆️

These days, there are so many FAKE websites that buyers actually feel SAFER using a platform like Etsy or Amazon...

In fact, you’ll likely see 75% fewer sales on your own eCommerce website (unless you have a blog and you’re nurturing customers by email...but that's an article for another day).

But if I want to expand my Etsy business, don’t I NEED a website?

Nope. If you want to expand quickly and double your income, why would you start from SCRATCH on a website?

Try Amazon Handmade, or find other alternatives that have an audience built-in.

Etsy alternatives worth exploring

If you want to expand beyond Etsy, but don’t want the hassle of managing your own website, fear not!

There are plenty of other alternatives that are worth exploring….

Basically, Etsy is the shit and if used properly can make you tons of cash (without piles of monthly fees).

Still don’t believe me, find out more about how to make money on Etsy here, and until next time, F*CK SHOPIFY.

Wanna sell MORE on Etsy... like, YESTERDAY?

Most people just hop on google and search for "Etsy tricks" to make more sales.

But I have news for you – if YOU found that Etsy trick for free, then so did EVERY. ONE. ELSE.

Common advice is OVERUSED until it doesn't work anymore.

And ultimately, your shop is more unique than you think. It's not like your competitor's or anyone else's...Otherwise you'd be seeing identical results.

Here's a shocker: there's no MAGIC SECRET you're missing.

People who succeed on Etsy decided a long time ago that they were just gonna be STUBBORN, and keep trying until they succeed.

None of this "I'm giving myself three months to see if this works..."

That's a BS excuse...And it ENCOURAGES you to just walk away if the world doesn't hand you exactly what you asked for on a silver platter.

And the fact is, you WILL be disappointed if you just wait for "the universe" to "make it happen".

The universe doesn't hand people shit on a silver platter.

But YOU can make it happen for YOURSELF.

Is it time for you to BE STUBBORN and keep trying until you succeed?

If you're READY to get your PROFIT on, let us help you make it happen faster.

We do individual attention (cause your shop IS unique), Etsy courses, and tactics that are HIDDEN from the rest of the internet.

Find out more here. ⬇️

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