Did you ever waltz into a store and see something *TOTALLY different* than what you expected??

It usually goes a little something like this…↓↓↓

That’s kind of what’s going on with Etsy’s WEDDING category right now…

OLD Wedding Sellers be like: “I sell wedding dresses and veils”…

NEW Wedding Sellers be like: “I customize it and slap the *wedding* tag on it!”

For today’s episode we’ll dive into the QUIRKS of selling Wedding and Party items on Etsy.

Here’s what you’ll get in this episode:

  • What new and unusual items are selling MOST in this super popular category??
  • What SEO trends are KILLING IT in the wedding category?? How are long time sellers continuing to make sales??
  • What kind of pricing is the way to go?? Are sellers only making it if they go WALMART cheap…and if so, is it even WORTH selling wedding items?

Our Next Episode will show you Why Home Decor sellers are *struggling* 😭 We’ll talk about what it takes to stay afloat in the SECOND LARGEST category on Etsy.

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  • We’ll be going IN-DEPTH on Home & Living sellers (just like we did in this episode!)
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We talked about why wedding SUCCEED big time with CUSTOMIZED items… and why what you have in your shop MATTERS (um, A LOT!) Here are some *MORE* articles that can help you get it right!