Have you heard of Sale Samurai?

I had all sorts of people asking me about it before it was even on the market!

There was so much gossip I had to know what was going on. Why was everybody talking about this? How had they heard about it BEFORE IT EVEN LAUNCHED??

So today’s guest is Neil and he founded Sale Samurai.

Sale Samurai is an all-in-one software for your Etsy shop with a Chrome Extension to make things even easier.

Neil is going to share how Sale Samurai works for your Etsy shop...He even shares some insane e-commerce tips about how to make your shop sell out ⬇️

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:38] Why Neil has such a clear understanding of where to start as a seller
  • [8:28] Neil’s magical piece of advice
  • [12:34] A solution for your problem (but you have to take the steps to solve it)
  • [16:24] A Chrome extension to help you with SEO
  • [23:02] The mistakes Neil sees most often
  • [27:12] The future of e-commerce that new sellers should take into consideration
  • [30:11] You can try a lot of things in 52 hours

Sale Samurai’s kick-ass tutorials make it easy to get started

The one thing I immediately noticed when I logged in to Sale Samurai were all of the tutorials.

Every time I get into a new tool, I'm like, ugh, I have to learn all this stuff!

It's just sitting there in front of me and I have no idea what anything does or how it works.

But Sale Samurai has this great tutorial area. There's like a whole page. I love it. ⬇️

As soon as you come in, it tells you how to use each individual option.

So if you just wanted to use one thing in particular— like the competition tracker (which grabbed my immediate attention) — you can watch that video first and BOOM, you're ready!

Images, tags, and titles… O’my!

I asked Neil to tell us about one mistake he sees that he’d love to correct.

Care to guess what his answer was? ⬇️

Images. Tags. Titles.

We all shop with our eyes so pictures are wildly important. You need more than one... and they can NOT suck! People need to be able to see themselves enjoying your product.

Tags. Fill them ALL out and don't make them generic (because that is what everyone else is doing and you want to stand out).

I don't know ANYONE who goes to Etsy and says, "well, today I want a gift", and then type in "gift" and hit enter.

🤣 That definitely is NOT how it works!!

Titles. THINK long-tail keywords. Especially for your tags and titles!These kinds of tags get searched and lead to MORE SALES.

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