When it comes to selling on Etsy, you may have noticed that your stuff is getting less attention, less traffic, and maybe just overall LESS.


The Best Places to Promote Your Etsy Shop in 2018

So today, I’m going to talk about the best FREE ways to promote your Etsy shop.

And here’s the deal — this year, more people than EVER have been asking me about paid traffic.

You know, promoted listings, Etsy renewals, google and facebook ads — all that crap you throw money at in the hope it will CHANGE EVERYTHING.

But the reality is this:

That shit sounds WAY too good to be true. So it probably is.

So INSTEAD of shelling out hard-earned cash for a couple extra sales here and there…Let’s just put on our “this is bullshit” cap for a minute and evaluate ALL your best options for promoting your Etsy goodies.

Because maybe you shouldn’t be PAYING for promotions after all.

Today I had a question from one of my Coaching Students about promoted listings…and I decided to use her question to create a Six-Minute Makeover video just for you.


The Best FREE Places to Promote Your Etsy Shop:

This video has TIPS. Here's what you need to make it happen ⇣

What should you do when promoted listings and renewals DON’T work? Get back to those good old fashioned free tactics! Here are some to try:

Create SEASONAL lines to fill in the gaps (like wedding items for spring/summer, home decor for winter, and jewelry or knit items for fall).

Find the most popular items on Etsy RIGHT NOW: Click here to visit the Etsy Trends page.

Or try Shop Updates for a massive boost — the KEY is to do it REGULARLY!

Want to find your shop’s most popular time of day for shop updates? Learn to use Google analytics here: Video – How to Use Google Analytics for Etsy.

Want to know what and WHEN you should post stuff Etsy updates and social media goodness? Try this Editorial Calendar method for a clear, step-by-step posting set up!

Want YOUR OWN Six Minute Makeover?

Well, we don't do this level of work for free. If you're ready to make BIG changes in your shop, and you're prepared to put in the TIME it takes to actually get results...

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