Creating a profitable home business that actually — ahem — *makes a profit* has never been an easy feat.

So many people reach for Etsy because the start-up costs are STAGGERINGLY low (think $20 instead of $2000!)…

Not to mention, if you’re even *SLIGHTLY* crafty, it’s easy to sell those things you make in front of the TV on Etsy.

But if you’re several months into your Etsy journey, and you’re just not seeing the profit you expect…What’s the next step??

Hint: If One Shop Makes $600 / month, You Can Probably Double That  with TWO SHOPS!

If your first shop is making sales, the idea of opening a second Etsy shop seems like a no-brainer.

But before you sign up for a double-dose of entrepreneurship, there’s something you need to know…

If you try to HALF-ASS your 2nd shop, you and your bank account can wind up IN THE HOLE instead of making MAD BANK  ⇣ ⇣

Second Etsy shop joke
⇡ When you’re juggling ALL the Etsy shops and you have no idea where the chaos is coming from… ⇡

So what exactly is the best way to start a second Etsy shop?

First things first, you need to know if you’re ready to open a second Etsy shop.

Spoiler Alert: if you want your second shop to be successful, you should wait until you have at least 300 sales in your first shop.

300 sales = you know enough to open a 2nd shop!

If you don’t meet the 300 sales mark, look at this article where I break down all the reasons NOT to open a 2nd shop.

Still with me?

Hell yes.

Etsy seller to Etsy seller, I’m going to let you in on EXACTLY what I would do if I was opening a second Etsy shop today.

My first order of business would be choosing a product to sell.

But it wouldn’t be any old product line.

(Those days of #random being a thing died back in 2011.)

And it might not even be the product line I WANT to create the most. Gasp!

(For a second shop, we need to streamline your creativity. We want you to look at PROFIT first, then find what you’re PASSIONATE about from that profitable list!)

How to Choose a PROFITABLE Product for Your New Etsy Shop

Let’s get started with an intense round of product research (using a tool like merchant words)… to see what’s selling BEST now.

And because I’m feeling oh-so generous today…

Let’s save you hours of Googling and look at  THREE Product ideas that are  selling hard NOW.  ⇣

Each has its pros and cons, and they all have potential for different reasons.

But one thing they all have in common…

My extensive research revealed that the items below are EASY to create and they have BIG profit margins.

We’re talking $10 or more PROFIT per each item sold. 🤑

That means you can sell FEWER items and make WAY more cash at the end of the day.

(Which is SO important for new shops that typically spend their first few months staring down the barrel of NO SALES whatsoever)

Check out three different top-selling product ideas below!NOTE: This article contains some affiliate links. What TF does that mean? I make a tiny commission if you chose to buy some of the items on this page. I know that might SEEM kinda meh, but these links allow me to keep the lights on so I can keep making FREE blog articles for you 😊 So embrace the FREE with me, and let’s do this THANG! ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Profitable Home Business Top Seller #1: Yard Signs
Surprise! This category isn’t just limited to election season. 

Trumpkin by Totally Custom Shop

In This House by Yard Pride

Birthday Sign by Social Cutouts

With drive-by birthday parties and neighborhood pledges during just about every holiday, yard signs are here to stay in a big way.

Yard signs are an easy item to have custom printed and shipped directly to your customer… (Try it here!)

BUT because of their seasonality, your shop’s inventory will need to be updated more often than other categories mentioned here.

Which is why I’m gonna say this *SUPER IMPORTANT* tidbit:

Do your RESEARCH on what’s trending before you even begin the design process!!

All it takes is a tool like Merchant Words to make this category easy to keep up with.

Profitable Home Business Top Seller #2: Craft Kits
A little known fact that can make you a lot of money on Etsy…

Embroidery Kit by Chloe Art Crafts

Beginner Crochet Kit by The Woobles

DIY Beeswax Kit by Bee Bohemians

The #1 Etsy category for shop owners making over 1,000 sales a year is craft supplies.

Craft kits have been hotter than ever since quarantine became the new normal, but they’ve been consistently popular on Etsy for YEARS.

Just look at this EPIC google trends graph ⇣ Talk about sales stability!

Second Etsy shop what to sell google trends
⇡ That’s 5 years of SUPER consistent craft sales around the WORLD ⇡

Creating craft kits (instead of just one-off craft items, like beads) allows you to significantly up-charge for the cost of your goods.

But there are a few things you need to know before you start selling.

Buyers want to have EVERYTHING they need to complete their craft AND they want pictures of the finished product readily available in the listing.

If you aren’t the planning type or don’t like making crafts yourself this one might not be for you.

Profitable Home Business Top Seller #3: Subscription Boxes
Subscription boxes have skyrocketed in popularity.

Black Owned Sub Box by Get The Bag Biz

Self Care Sub Box by Modern Skyn Alchemy

Fat Quarter Sub Box by Sunny Path Fabrics

And that’s especially true for boxes with themes like date night, self-care, and kids activity kits!

Growing a subscription box service on Etsy is great for traffic and exposure — but these shops DO take longer than average to grow.

The trade-off?

You have a 75% chance of making a shit ton more money in the long run.

(Like my student who grew their monthly income from $400 to $3,500 per month in just one year!) ⇣

Second Etsy shop what to sell
⇡ Reoccurring income is ALWAYS better than a one-time purchase! DERP! ⇡

If you’re all about winning a slow and steady race, subscription boxes are your best bet!

Use this tool to predict how much income YOU could make off a subscription box!

Wanna grab a copy of the “TOP SELLING Etsy Profit Monsters” Report??

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