When it comes to selling digital downloads on Etsy, you can really make your designs stand out by offering personalization.

Also HINT: If your digital downloads are customizable, you'll probably sell a whole helluva LOT MORE.

But let’s be honest: Customizing digital downloads for customers can take forever.

The first few orders might be manageable, but once you start getting 10-20-30+ orders, how are you going to keep up?

After all, people buy digital products so that they can get their item QUICKLY.

Which doesn’t make a seller’s life easy.

If only there was a way to personalize things WITHOUT doing a boatload of work every time a customer buys from you...

That would leave you with plenty of sales and even more satisfied customers.


I wanna introduce you to a digital download's best friend... Corjl.

What is Corjl?

Corjl is a web-based app where you can create CUSTOMIZABLE prints, cards, and invitations.

It connects directly to your Etsy store, and allows THEM to customize your downloads to THEIR OWN specifications! ⬇️

Corjl for Etsy Digital Downloads
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Here's How it Works:

✅ A customer buys your product
✅ They get an email link to customize their item.
✅ They can adjust the colors, backgrounds, pictures, and text to suit their needs.
✅ Then they can download the finished design product

It’s a simple and easy system that gives everyone what they want...

And you don’t have to spend all your spare time customizing people’s orders.


Best of all, your customers will be happy that they got EXACTLY what they wanted -- as fast as they can customize it – and you can enjoy the 5⭐ reviews.

What kind of Etsy items should I use Corjl for?

Keeping it brief: anything digital.

If there’s anything that your customers want to PERSONALIZE, then Corjl is for you.

Here are some ideas to help you along:
💡 Party invitations
💡 Thank You Cards
💡 Christmas Cards
💡 Wedding invitations
💡 Wedding menus
💡 Wedding place cards
💡 Wedding signs
💡 Save/delay the dates
💡 Personalized artwork
💡 Labels and tags
💡 Business cards

… Anything where someone might want to include their name, their business name, or some specific details.

Are there other programs like Corjl?

✅ The main existing competitor to Corjl is a software called Templett.

✅ And if you have the premium version, you can also use Canva to share editable templates.

If you’re an existing Templett user, you’ll find that Corjl is very similar.

However, the main take on Corjl vs Templett is that Corjl is less expensive and more flexible.

Corjl is designed to be used on a phone or tablet as well as via a computer, however, Templett can only be used through a desktop.

As a seller, Corjl offers a more customizable approach for the seller, as well as the buyer.

As the designer, you can specify what a customer can or can’t edit.  

You can also add any helpful instructions for your customer, right in their download.

Finally, Corjl is a cheaper offering than Templett - and there's a 7 day free trial 😊

Do Etsy Customers like Corjl? Is it easy to use?

The thing to remember about Corjl is that there are two sides.

So far I’ve talked to you about the SELLER side, where you can specify what your customer sees - but what about the BUYER dashboard?

When your customer makes a purchase, they get an email with a download link where they can sign up to customize their item.

This is a requirement for GDPR, but it also allows your customer to connect their Etsy account to Corjl.

One of the perks of the buyer dashboard is that you can see everything a customer personalized, and keep track of the order process.

That means if your customer has a PROBLEM, you can go in and see exactly what they did...Then fix it for them!

Corjl for Etsy joke
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Your customer will need to enter their order number to get to their template.

Once they put in their order number, they can get to customizing!

Things your customer probably wants to customize ⬇️

  • Changing the fonts and colors of the file
  • Altering the line spacing and letter spacing to choose how they want it to look.
  • Adding or altering images, or adding personal photographs
  • Specifying the size of paper to print on, as well as bleed and trim

How do I use Corjl?

Here's the step-by-step, yo:

Create an account for yourself on Corjl.com as a seller.
Just go to the website and click "become a seller"

Design your template using the Corjl online dashboard.
You'll need to upload fonts, and add images - remember to make sure that you have the right to use these images.

Specify what’s available for the customer to edit.
As I’ve already mentioned, you can let them pick their fonts, colors, or images... But you can also create specific limits - so you can put a cap on the number of times downloaded, or to add an expiration date on the design.

Then you integrate it with your Etsy account, and add your design as a listing. Then when your customers buy your item, Corjl emails them FOR YOU. No work needed! Then customers can go through to make their changes.

Can I get a Free Trial of Corjl?

Yup, you can try it out here. (Not an affiliate link!)

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