Make Your Etsy Holiday Shipping And Packing Headaches Go Away!

I’ve been there. Sitting in the floor, boxes and bubble wrap and packaging tape and products all around me. And it never ends…


Can you relate?

This episode of the podcast outlines lessons learned when it comes to packaging, shipping, long days of order fulfillment…not to mention ALL THE paper cuts.

THIS could make the holiday sales season an enjoyable thing. Truth.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:24] It could be too late for this year, but start thinking about next year NOW!
  • [1:15] Inventory recommendations: order LOTS more than usual
  • [2:20] Can you source a second supplier? It’s a good idea
  • [4:27] When you’re packing boxes all day long, it’s no fun. Do this instead
  • [6:13] What to do if you can’t use Print On Demand: Be more efficient with your packing

You don’t have to do all the crazy things with packaging this time of year

All day, every day packing and shipping is a PAIN in the ass...(and other places too@) But we’ve all been there. You may be there right now.

It’s important to make your customer’s experience with your brand unique and special, but let’s be real - they don’t really CARE about the cards and other stuff you put into the packages this time of year.

Really, they don’t.

I’ve got a story to tell you about how I added special stuff to my packaging  and saw ZERO return on that investment of time and money. Save yourself some grief and listen to this advice. ⇡

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