The other day I was shopping on Etsy like a BEAST.

I pretty much added #AllTheThings to my cart. And then I ran into a shop that stopped me DEAD in my tracks.

Wallet closed. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

The earth literally stopped spinning and I was like “WTF is THIS???”

And I realized something: this shop is the perfect example of how you can SCARE customers off (and literally prevent yourself from making sales).

open a second shop on Etsy

So for today’s ⏰ Six Minute Makeover ⏰, I wanted to show you how Etsy storefronts feel to CUSTOMERS.

What do they see when they walk through your (digital) doors? Are you turning them off before they even get a chance to browse?

As someone who shops on Etsy like Armageddon is coming (#BadHabit style — I am literally your dream customer)…I’m gonna show you exactly what happened to me.

What’s the difference between a shop that customers EAT WITH A SPOON vs. one that evokes, well, this:

open a second shop on Etsy
How customers feel about confusing Etsy shops…

And if your shop is in the “ew” category — don’t worry…the fix is easier than you think!

In fact, it MAY be as simple as opening a SECOND shop:

This video has TIPS. Here's what you need to make it happen ⇣

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