Wanna be a fly on the wall while I call my Etsy Assistant today?

If you didn’t know, my little brother, Scott, actually runs my Etsy shop day-to-day.

If you’ve ever sent us a convo, or asked a question, he’s the person you’ll be talking to.

His job is to make sure everything runs smoothly — from customer service to shipping, he deals with all the big stuff that happens each day.

My only job is to design stuff and add new items to the shop!

Sounds fun right?

On this call, you’ll get to hear what it was like for Scott to help me run the business through each different stage…what we went through, how it felt for him, and what kind of things make his life WAY easier these days!

So have a listen ⇡ up there and Scott will tell you a story that might make your life easier too! 😉

Next week’s episode is all about the latest upcoming trends (we’ll talk about what’s HOT this year based on market reports, and I’ll take you shopping so we can see how big retailers are using these trends.)

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