Let’s Have A Post-Holiday Etsy Therapy Session, Shall We?

Your Christmas may have been a nightmare. Many sellers shut down their shops after Christmas - because they are well, um…EXHAUSTED! ⇣

I get it. I’ve done it. But NOW is the time to figure out what made you so exhausted and WORK OUT A SOLUTION for that.

Your Etsy shop should NOT be a *monster* that rules your life. You need to tame the beast!

We’re gonna talk about how you can make it happen in today’s episode 😊

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:07] Give me your ideas about what you need me to cover - I’ll do it
  • [1:28] How was the Christmas rush for you this year?
  • [2:57] You can assess what you hated about Christmas this year, and fix it
  • [5:30] My story about making lots of money and being miserable (you don’t want this)
  • [9:23] Don’t let packaging and shipping solutions kill your brain
  • [17:04] You can do this - figure out how to get rid of your “icky”

Identify your “Icky” so that you can get rid of it for next year

The first place to start in creating a better holiday season next year is to identify the thing that made you the MOST stressed and icky feeling. Once you know what it is, we can work on getting RID of it!

My icky was the whole packaging and shipping thing. It killed my brain and sent me into CRAZY MODE last Xmas. =

So I took the time to assess what happened and I fixed it. You read that right, I made all my Christmas time headaches and problems go away because I HATED feeling destroyed by the most profitable time of the year.

You can do the same thing. Listen, learn, and breath easy, Buttercup!

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