You know that thing where you’re like *where the hell do I even start* -- that  shit is REAL.

And you don’t deserve to be buried under to-do lists.

This  is your ONE and only life, for fuck’s sake. And it’s time that we  legitimately ELIMINATE that thing where you’re tied to your computer at  11pm.

The basic bitch #hustle is KILLING YOU and it’s time to STOP.

What are the things you hate about your Etsy shop?

Is it even OK to talk about hating things in your business?

You bet it is! Bitching about the things you don’t like is the KEY to fixing that shit.

Plus, I’m gonna bitch about everything I hate in my biz today, so you can too!

And it’s so basically NECESSARY to do this once in a while…


Because you can pinpoint the things that you do every single day that suck the life out of you…

THEN you can put a target on their back and take them out. ⇣

You’ve just got to get smart about figuring out how to…well, KILL IT WITH FIRE.

In this episode,  I’ll show you how! ⇡

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:42] Figure out how to rid yourself of the things you hate (the things that stress you)
  • [7:44] Your life is not like a term paper you cram at the last moment - it’s a marathon

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