Many of us jump into Etsy because we don't WANT to work with horrible bosses, clueless colleagues...Or be told what to do all day.

Screw that. I LOVE being my own boss. Who wouldn't??

But what does "being your own boss" look like after YEARS pass?

How do you know what to do next when you're the only one here...What if you run out of ideas? Or all your ideas fail?

In this episode, we are going to hear from Kristy Rice about finding a like-minded support system. ⬇️

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:00] What Kristy wishes she’d know when she started selling online
  • [3:12] You can’t know what you don’t know
  • [5:15] Taking advice...who should you listen to?
  • [7:00] Finding your RIGHT WAY
  • [10:39] How other people’s input can help you grow

I’m all alone... there’s no one here besiiiide me

It’s hard to be in business alone!

Especially if you want to see big results, fast...Like those entrepreneurs you follow on Instagram. They ALWAYS seem to make big money and they ALWAYS seem to have it together...HOW??

I was CONVINCED that going it alone was the only way for YEARS. But over time I realized that I actually knew NOTHING.

I was running out of ideas...There was always something new to learn...And I realized that high school, college – life in general...Hadn't prepared me to work for myself!

You find things that sorta work. But you can’t know what worked if you're doing 20 things at once.

Fact is: YOU NEED people to bounce ideas off of, people who have the experiences you don’t.

Getting advice from other people is absolutely killer...If you know WHERE to find the right people... And will change everything for your business!

But you gotta have friends

2 years after I left my day job to work for myself, I went to a conference for online business owners.

People just like me. I was put in a group based on income level. I started talking to those people, assuming they would be JUST LIKE ME and be doing exactly what I was doing.

But as I started talking to them, all this amazing stuff started to unfold! Fresh ideas. Things they had tried that I hadn’t.

And suddenly I realized that I was missing a HUGE piece of how you succeed in business: TALKING to OTHER PEOPLE.

If you’ve never done this before try out a free Etsy community. Talk to people, see what’s going on in the group. We have one here that you can try.

Make real connections, comment on other people's posts, tell them something that you like that they're doing. Ask what they think of something you're doing.

Go out of your way to be nice to other humans and ask them things about themselves.

This is how you make online friends, and it can apply to Etsy just the same.

What are you waiting for? GO, go find your people!

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