How You Can Massively Benefit From Conversations With Non-Etsy People...

For many Etsy sellers it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time talking with the people who would NEVER buy anything from their Etsy store. But I’ve found it can be amazingly helpful.

Wait, what??

You might be like “Oh, well this just sounds like a MASSIVE waste of my time…”

BUT…As it turns out, I used this episode to do some AH-MAZING SHIT. Here’s what you can learn from your I’LL-NEVER-BUY-YOUR-ITEM friends and relatives:

  • I learned why my husband refuses to buy art prints, and just a few simple changes I could make that WOULD make people like him buy from my shop
  • As a result, I now have like 5+ ideas to attract a BRAND NEW audience (aka MORE BUYERS!!) that I didn’t have before…
  • Oh wait, did I also mention that my competitors definitely AREN’T doing this shit…So by default, I now have an opportunity to kick their asses into the ground???

By understanding WHY non-buyers DON’T LIKE your store…You can get incredible insights as to how you can create new products, make yours more appealing, provide your normal stuff in different formats, and more.

This is a BONUS episode where I do an interview like this just for you - with my husband.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:45] The amazing exercise that can help you appeal to new customers
  • [1:19] My interview of my hubby about my store (he’s never bought wall art in his life)
  • [6:49] Purchasing limits that exist in peoples’ heads
  • [16:10] An idea for finding niche products that will SELL
  • [18:15] Use videos (it’s coming to Etsy so get ready now!)

If you have a friend who doesn’t get your Etsy-thing…

...then you have a great resource in them. They can tell you all kinds of things about your shop that are costing you sales and new customer relationships.

But only if you’re willing to take their honest, nothing-held-back feedback about your store and your products. If you can handle it - they’ll give you GOLD.

My hubby gave me his input about why he’d never purchase art prints - which is what I sell - and I got some amazing insights into product possibilities that might just draw in someone like him.

My husband just shared a BOMB of an idea for all of you who are looking for product ideas

And his idea transfers across disciplines and areas of interest so easily that it could be an unlimited source of products for all kinds of very unique people.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. You can do exactly what he suggests and I KNOW you’d be able to create an Etsy store that sells lots of products regularly.

Listen to hear his idea and to begin planning your takeover of the Etsy universe!

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