Today we’re doing our FIRST EVER audio-style Six Minute Makeover…and it’s ALL about what to do when you’ve DONE EVERYTHING.

Meaning your shop looks great, things are on point, you followed all the instructions and…

You’re STILL not seeing any results! ⇣

Etsy isn't working joke
⇡ When you did your homework and it makes no difference at all… ⇡

So what can you do when GETTING SHIT DONE isn’t working for you??

Does that mean Etsy won’t work for you? Was this all a waste of time??

Find out how to make all your hard work, *ahem* ACTUALLY start WORKING for you…Listen to today’s episode ⇡ (up there!) to see what you should do next.

Our Next Episode is Going to Guide You Through Why Etsy Takes So Long, and How You Can Speed it Up 😊

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This is what’s coming up in the next episode (for paid subscribers only) ⇣

  • Why THE HELL does Etsy take so long to work?
  • How long should I expect it to take? (like for real??)
  • What can I do while I’m waiting? (that isn’t awful and boring?)
  • How can I speed it up, like NOW…? (I’ll take some profit now, PUH-LEASE!)

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⇣ When you’re done listening, here’s a goodie bag!

We talked about some fixes that Etsy sellers often half-ass (or just don’t do quite right) in this episode. Here are some articles that can help you get it right!