Ready to start making money on Etsy by selling jewelry? This article will discuss the ins and outs of starting an Etsy jewelry shop...even if you've never made a single piece of jewelry in your LIFE!

One of the items that has a tendency to do well on Etsy is – you guessed it – JEWELRY.

Jewelry is considered “evergreen,” meaning it never goes out of style or has an off season.

Which means, as a jewelry seller on Etsy, you won't get those life-ruining PROFIT DROPS that come with other products! ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Selling jewelry on Etsy google trends graph
⇡ Jewelry has pretty consistent search results, year round...According to Google trends! ⇡ 

Jewelry is actually a pretty versatile product.

Customers are looking for jewelry for ALL the reasons – from gifts, to memorializing a beloved pet, to accessorizing their latest outfit.

Think about it: how often do you see advertisements for jewelry online? On Instagram? On Pinterest?

Selling Jewelry on Etsy - instagram popularity of Jewelry
⇡ #Trending: Just LOOK at all these jewelry posts on IG ⇡

That’s because jewelry is a FRIGGIN' major seller – especially on Etsy.

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Why Sell Jewelry on Etsy?

Aside from the fact that you probably ALREADY noticed jewelry is one of the most popular items on Etsy...

Many jewelry sellers on Etsy have THOUSANDS (if not a HUNDRED THOUSAND) sales:

Etsy top sellers jewelry examples
⇡ Look at all those REVIEWS! Lots of reviews = BUTT LOADS of sales ⇡

Outside of Etsy, the jewelry industry is growing EXPONENTIALLY each year.

Jewelry sales are predicted to hit $275 billion in 2020 and expected to maintain an UPWARD trend in years to come.

Translation?? Jewelry is GROWING.

Customers clearly WANT IT, and they keep buying it (from lots of different sources, year round!!)

Aka the competition is NOT too fierce, people want jewelry from LOTS of sellers. And they buy it OFTEN.

So selling jewelry is a pretty safe bet!

If it isn’t obvious already, there is profit literally WAITING to be made from jewelry.

And here's the kicker: You don't even need to MAKE your own jewelry to sell on Etsy anymore. You can go 3D Printed or Print on Demand! (more on that HERE).

Starting a jewelry shop comes with a number of advantages, like:

  • Being able to make sales easily year round, especially if jewelry is customizable
  • The opportunity to make substantial profits without spending tons of money on inventory
  • Easily offer mass-produced products, which allows for significant sales
HINT: Now is the RIGHT TIME to start your Etsy jewelry shop if you haven't already. In fact, Etsy is one of the leading online marketplaces as of September 2020.

The longer you hesitate, the more money you're LOSING. If you dream about selling jewelry on Etsy, NOW is the time.

Selling Jewelry on Etsy Tips joke
⇡ Someone else could be making YOUR profits right now...⇡

For every DAY that you wait to open shop, it gets LESS and LESS likely that you'll EVER open. So get ready to pull the trigger after we talk about what kind of jewelry YOU should sell on Etsy 😊 ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

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The most popular type of jewelry to sell on Etsy is customizable in some way.

Just one Etsy search for “jewelry” will reveal TONS of results featuring customizable items. Here are some examples from top sellers ⇣

Etsy top sellers jewelry examples
⇡ Click here to see the current Etsy jewelry bestsellers (sorted by top sellers) ⇡

Think about it: jewelry is a way to express yourself.

Allowing buyers to customize your jewelry means customers get EXACTLY what they want AND they express themselves THEIR way.

Jewelry customizations usually include ONE (and only ONE!!) of the following:

  • The buyer’s name
  • Children’s names
  • Pictures or names of pets
  • Significant dates such as birthdays

No matter what customizations you choose, it's STUPID important to remember this one thing:

If you give customers LOTS of things to customize, they WILL get confused.

And your items WON'T sell.

It's SUPER important to give customers a maximum of TWO things they can customize.

For example, maybe they get to choose their NAME and the necklace color (silver, gold, rose gold).

Or maybe your customer can choose an initial and a birthstone.

Those ⇡ options both reflect simple, easy to understand customizations.

If your customer INSTANTLY understands what she's getting, she'll click that buy button ULTRA fast.

But if you confuse her with a zillion options – she's just LEAVE your shop and go straight to someone else's.

Don't let customers pick WHATEVER they want.

They're coming to YOU because you're the designer. You have a talent they don't have. They are counting on you to design something they ALREADY LIKE...Then they just customize ONE or two things!

The WORST thing you could do is design a piece of jewelry where the customer gets to pick their name, font, metal type, necklace length, and add a photo.

Not only will that final jewelry piece ⇡ look A MESS...

Selling jewelry on Etsy joke
⇡ This is what will happen to your jewelry shop if you customize EVERYTHING ⇡

But if customers WANTED to customize EVERYTHING on the planet, then those items would be best sellers.

And they're NOT.

Feel free to scroll through the jewelry results on Etsy. I encourage you to go nuts and look at tons of it here.

Notice that NONE of the bestsellers allow more than TWO things the customer can design themselves (!!!)

This is important – take your CUES from top sellers, or else you can expect your items to sit on the last page of Etsy search, gathering dust.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that necklaces, earrings, and rings tend to be the most popular kinds of jewelry that are purchased.

These are the ONLY three you should start with, because they're proven to work.

So start with ONE jewelry niche, such as the necklace market. Then offer a customizable product in your niche.

Simple as that. This is a fast way to get your Etsy shop rolling if you want sales right off the bat.

What if I Don’t Know How to Make (or Customize) Jewelry?

Starting an Etsy shop is a huge step forward! The only problem?

Not everyone is gifted with the ability to craft and customize jewelry.

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to endure 7+ years of art school to make and sell jewelry.

In the early days of Etsy, that was pretty much your only option.

BUT times have changed, Buttercup! These days there are companies that take your designs and turn them into jewelry FOR YOU.

That’s right, folks – almost anyone with a good idea can sell jewelry these days!

There are currently THREE options for making jewelry when, erm... You don’t actually know how to make jewelry. They are:

Selling Jewelry on Etsy Tips
⇡ Print on Demand Jewelry examples ⇡

A print-on-demand company offers jewelry with one customizable component. Generally, this is a customizable image, design, or etching.

With this option, you're limited to whatever the print-on-demand company allows you to customize.

3D Printed Jewelry:

Selling Jewelry on Etsy Tips
⇡ 3D Printed Jewelry examples ⇡

Digital designs are created with 3D printing software (you do this) and then produced using a special 3D printer (the 3D printer does this for you).

This option won't limit what you can make – you can 3D print ANYTHING. But for some people, designing the product with 3D software will be the primary hurdle.

Manufactured Jewelry:

 Manufactured Jewelry Examples
⇡ Manufactured Jewelry Examples ⇡

This is mass production of a jewelry design, allowing for a lot of product to be made for a reasonable price.

With this option, you can make anything you want, BUT you can't customize each piece for the customer (unless you do that yourself at home). This option is primarily used by people who sell things like enamel pins.

Whichever option you choose, these methods allow you to open a jewelry shop basically OVERNIGHT – and all without any jewelry-making skills.

Let's dive into each option, and see which one is right for YOU ⇣ ⇣

What Print-on-Demand Jewelry Options are There?

Print-on-demand (POD) is a beautiful thing – especially if you're just starting out as an Etsy seller.

As a new seller, you have no idea WHAT sells, and you don't want to buy a TON of inventory just to wind up selling exactly NONE of it...

Enter print-on-demand, a service that only creates products once they have been ordered.

Translation = When YOU make money, Print on Demand prints and ships your item to the customer.

So, your products are ordered AS YOU SELL THEM in small amounts.

This is also a great feature to have for shops selling customizable jewelry, because obviously each customer is ordering something DIFFERENT.

✅ So you save TIME (by not customizing each item yourself).

✅ And you save MONEY (by not ordering tons of inventory - you only pay the POD supplier when a customer buys from you)

Where to Find Print-on-Demand Jewelry

When it comes to choosing a company for print-on-demand, you want to look for a good range of jewelry styles and options for customization.

There are two great options when it comes to affordable print-on-demand jewelry providers:


Print on Demand Jewelry for sale on Etsy
⇡ Examples of Printify Jewelry ⇡

Printify offers a variety of jewelry types, with a focus on bracelets and pendants.

Printify's jewelry is nickel free, which is incredibly important since nickel can irritate the skin.

Printify also offers a drag and drop customization tool, so your jewelry will look perfect even if you aren't exactly the best with computers!


Selling Jewelry on Etsy Tips
Selling Jewelry on Etsy Tips
⇡ Examples of Printful's Jewlery ⇡

Printful is another great option for print-on-demand jewelry.

On Printful, you choose the piece of jewelry you want to customize – you can even pick from metal finishes like silver, gold, and rose gold.

Printful allows you to connect your Etsy store, so all your Etsy orders appear in Printful's dashboard as soon as they happen.

Then you just log in to printful, customize the order for your buyer, and Prinful creates and ships the item.

Printful allows you to customize your packaging too! So your customer will get jewelry complete with your own branded packaging.

What 3D Printed Jewelry Options are There?

3D printing is pretty much the future. Like, as in, your entire future will probably be 3D printed.

As of writing, you can 3D print with plastic, polymer, different metals... And you can make literally ANYTHING of almost any size.

Of course, working with 3D models is not easy – especially if, like 99% of people, you've never designed anything in 3D.

Selling Jewelry on Etsy Tips joke
⇡ How 99% of people feel about 3D Printing ⇡

BUT 3D printing companies KNOW this and they WANT to help you.

Most 3D printing companies will help you design whatever you want in their software.

Some will even do it for you, free of charge! So let's dive in to what you can create with a 3D printer ⇣ ⇣

Examples of 3D Printed Jewelry

Finding a company to simplify the 3D modelling process is key. Luckily, there are a few good options that make the design process a piece of cake!

Here are two companies that make 3D printed jewelry:


Selling Jewelry on Etsy Tips
⇡ Examples of 3D Printed Jewelry from Shapeways ⇡

Shapeways is a 3D printing company that offers "apps" that allow you to customize their jewelry designs.

Here’s a list of the design apps they offer:

  • Pendant Creator – for two-dimensional designs
  • Cell Cycle Creator – for organic and nature themed three-dimensional designs
  • Custom Ring Creator – for creating unique rings with patterns
  • Encode Ring Creator – for creating rings that capture the vocal design of a person’s voice
  • Kinematics 4D Creator – for creating jewelry that is flexible, complex, and foldable
  • MYMO Pendant Creator – for combining letters or numbers into a novel 3D form

Shapeways also allows for the customization of jewelry with text or images.

This type of jewelry IS more complex than simple print-on-demand services, but it might be worth it if you want your shop to feel unique AF. If you're OVER other "basic" feeling jewelry on Etsy, 3D printing is for you!

Selling Jewelry on Etsy Tips
⇡ Examples of Shop3D items ⇡ is like a marriage between complex 3D printing options and simpler print-on-demand companies.

That’s right, this company offers 3D-printed jewelry as a print-on-demand product. (YUUUSSS!!!)

They offer materials including gold, sterling silver, and bronze and brass. There are 10 distinct finishings to choose from. ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Selling Jewelry on Etsy Tips

Shop3D can also be integrated within your Etsy shop. Which means they'll handle the order fulfillment and shipping processes for you!

And just like Printful, you can create personalized packaging when you ship with Shop3D 😊

What Manufactured Jewelry Options are There?

Manufactured jewelry is how many sellers on Etsy fill their shelves.

What you need to know about manufacturing is pretty simple:

✅ Overall, it's cheaper than Print on Demand or 3D Printing.

🚫 BUT customers CANNOT customize the items they order from you (if your items are manufactured)...

🚫 And there's always a minimum, meaning you'll need to buy at least 50 pieces to use a manufacturer.

✅ HOWEVER, for sellers who do things like engagement rings or other popular jewelry that isn't custom, this is definitely the best option.

This means that as the designer, YOU need to choose and create designs that attract buyers.

A common example of a manufactured product is enamel pins.

While these may not always be considered jewelry, they do fall in the accessory category and can make a great addition to a jewelry-themed shop.

Let's dive in to what manufacturers can do, and why you might decide to use one...

Examples of Manufactured Jewelry

Because manufactured jewelry is less customizable, it MUST be really unique and stand out to buyers. So if you're a great designer, this might be the way to go!

Here are two examples of companies who offer manufactured jewelry:

Awesome Merchandise

How to sell jewelry on Etsy - enamel pins - manufacturer example
⇡ Examples of Awesome Merchandise Products ⇡

Awesome Merchandise offers five different types of enamel pins.

As mentioned, enamel pins are a great way to bulk up the products in an Etsy jewelry shop.

Enamel pins are BIG sellers, and they're pretty affordable to make. You can even find design ideas by shopping for vectors on Creative Market.

Awesome Merchandise requires you to order at least 50 of one design at a time.

Custom Fashion Jewels

How to sell jewelry on Etsy - enamel pins - manufacturer example
⇡ Examples of Custom Fashion Jewels Products ⇡

Custom Fashion Jewels is a company that helps regular people (aka YOU!) bring your jewelry ideas to life.

The process for ordering from Custom Fashion Jewels begins when you submit their form. Next, they send you a quote and 3D imaging of a finished design, so you can see how your items will look.

Once you okay their quote and the design, your jewelry will be printed and sent to you.

How do I get Photos for Jewelry that I Didn’t Make Myself?

So you’ve decided how to make your jewelry – now, how do you make it stand out on Etsy?

With some high quality product photos, of course!

Most manufacturers will be willing to send you a sample piece of your order, which you can photograph from home (or send to a photographer).

BUT – If you don’t have this kind of set up, no worries!

You can also ship your jewelry DIRECTLY to a professional photographer and get the photos emailed directly to you.

Here are some great options from Tribe Hire photographers...They're Etsy pros who can take pictures of your new products FOR YOU.

Sell jewelry on Etsy photography tips
⇡ Examples of photography done for you on Tribe Hire

Final Thoughts

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