Rachelle Reminds Me that I Can ALWAYS Push Past My Upper Limit…

I’ve so been enjoying these Etsy seller “lessons learned” episodes and when I first heard this one I thought… “Yeah, so that’s obvious.”

Then I stopped.

Because listening a second time it dawned on me that Rachelle (the Etsy seller featured on this episode) was pointing out something WAY more significant than I realized. ⇣

How to sell on Etsy joke
⇡ There’s a GOLD NUGGET of awesome hidden in today’s podcast ⇡

You and I have a choice, EVERY DAY.

We can ALWAYS to push through our upper limits and do more, be more, and grow our business more.

It may feel EXHAUSTING to think of things that way. In fact, you’re probably like, “Hey, I’m working my ASS off over here…So why the HELL are you telling me to do MORE??”

And the fact is, Rachelle reveals a way to make SERIOUS progress WITHOUT stretching yourself to the limit, or even making any changes right this second.

Her method will get you RESULTS, and those results will sink in eventually. Doing this ONE thing on a regular basis means you never really need to do much else. (!!!)

That’s pretty epic so I’m just gonna repeat myself there: if you do the ONE thing Rachelle mentions, you can let all the other BULLSHIT fall away. Because this one thing will take care of you for LIFE.

Thank you for the reminder, Rachelle!! Listen to get the full scoop. ⇡

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:56] Why we all need to be constantly learning… even from the obvious
  • [3:09] Why we need to tap into our child-like persistence
  • [6:30] A story to illustrate why this is so important
  • [14:28] You can make the choice to choose growth at any time

Resources & People Mentioned

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