I’m sure at some point you’ve heard the words “target audience”.

Let’s be honest — this shit is overused, and very few people actually know or CARE who their target audience is.

It’s right up there with the standard HGTV House Hunter’s budget…something totally ridiculous that’s reserved only for a CHOICE FEW:

Make consistent sales on Etsy joke
No one actually does this shit in real life, right??

For those of you who think your “target audience” is an urban legend…you’re not entirely wrong.

It can be pretty UNCLEAR who your target audience is, especially if you’re selling something broad, like jewelry or clothes. Everybody wears shit, right??

So how can you possibly narrow your audience down to a specific group of people…and more importantly, WHY would you want to limit yourself???

Ah, well…for today’s ⏰ Six Minute Makeover ⏰, our latest Coaching Student learns why NARROWING your shit down can actually quadruple your sales.

Yes, I said QUADRUPLE.

Believe it or not, most Etsy shops that aren’t making consistent sales have NO idea who their target audience is.

Which actually creates a big fat clog smack in the middle of your profit…because when you try to sell to EVERYONE, you’re compromising what you do to make a LARGE group happy.

But we all knows what happens when you try to please everyone…

How to Make Consistent Sales on Etsy

By trying to make something that appeals to everyone, you can really only get a “meh” level of excitement out of people.

But when you HONE IN on certain types of customers, who want certain things, you can literally create EXACTLY what they’re looking for.

And your products will suddenly become IRRESISTIBLE.

Wanna see how big sellers make this work (to the tune of 10k+ sales?)

See how you can make MORE consistent sales on Etsy:

Modern colorful abstract watercolors and art by AdriLunaStudio
You searched for: AdriLunaStudio! Discover the unique items that AdriLunaStudio creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting AdriLunaStudio, you’re supporting a small business, and,…
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There are about a million reasons why different shops don’t make consistent sales on Etsy. Just check out why these OTHER shop owners were struggling with sales:

Most people think that they’ve “chosen a niche” on Etsy when they sell a certain category of items (like jewelry or home decor).

But the reality is, you need to go a few steps further to really make consistent sales.

If you know exactly WHO you’re selling to, you can PREDICT what they want. You can create items they can’t resist. Not to mention, you don’t have to wonder, “will this item sell? should I be doing all the things my competition is doing?” — NO, you shouldn’t.

If you don’t know who your target audience is yet, that can be a GOOD thing. You can actually re-position yourself in any niche you want. So if you wanted to be a nursery art seller, start making items for that audience. Research what they buy now, and where they hang out online to get shopping recommendations.

You DON’T have to wait for your target audience to come to you…you can GO TO THEM.

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