Here's how to Get Traffic For Your Etsy Store From the Top 3 Search Engines

Sharon! Oh my, Sharon! THANK YOU for sharing these great thoughts about driving traffic to Etsy, because you know what you’re talking about!

OK. I got that out of my system.

Sharon’s tips today might sound really explanatory, and honestly, they aren’t much effort. (They really just take PATIENCE) ⇣

Etsy seo, Etsy traffic joke
⇡ If you can keep trying for 6-12 months, this method will pay off DAILY ⇡

But the return she’s getting on her effort is MASSIVE. Just listen, you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

Driving traffic to your Etsy store using Pinterest, YouTube, and Google. YOU CAN DO IT.

It’s definitely NOT as much work as you think it is.

And most Etsy sellers DEFINITELY won’t put in the extra credit to make this tip work for their shop.

Listen above to hear Sharon explain ⇡

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:19] Sharon’s tips on working your Etsy shop and having kids alongside
  • [2:53] The biggest tip Sharon can give for bringing in more traffic via Pinterest
  • [6:59] Using YouTube effectively to push traffic to your store
  • [9:04] Google is the king… be sure you use it effectively
  • [11:21] Why you do NOT want to do all three of these tips at once
  • [14:56] YouTube magic from just a few videos
  • [16:03] Why Google should be the last thing you focus on

Pinterest is where to start. And it ain’t that hard, people!

One of the things Sharon says that you really need to listen to is that you should NOT start with all three tips she provides. Start with the EASIEST low hanging fruit instead!

Where is that low hanging fruit?? It’s on the Pinterest tree. 😉

Pinterest is not that hard because it's a visual platform. That means if you can create some interesting graphics that stand out, traffic starts to flow to your Etsy shop.

Listen up there ⇡ to hear the small steps Sharon took to get a very BIG result from Pinterest.

Action Plan: Use Pinterest to Get More Etsy Traffic

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