*Tricks* aren't gonna change your Etsy shop.

But actual FEEDBACK from an Etsy coach CAN. If you're on the hunt for that "one magic trick" that's gonna make your Etsy shop profitable, I've got news for you: 

There's NO MAGIC SECRET you're missing.

Every shop is different, that's why some tips work for certain sellers, but they're not working for YOU.

What you actually need (if you wanna speed up your progress) is CUSTOM help directed at your shop...So you can SKIP OVER the "trying everything" phase and just get to the part where you SEE a difference!

A new Etsy course every month. Stop spending $297 for one-off courses all year long...Get courses dripped out SLOWLY so you can actually make progress!

What comes with Birch Please Premium?

A Group Shop Critique event every month. Submit your shop to get feedback from an Etsy coach!

Want the scoop on what you can expect every month? I got you, boo! Birch Please is built to give you a mix of general Etsy advice + custom options so you can see results faster (unlike those courses you bought, just sitting on a shelf collecting dust!) 

LIVE Q+A with an Etsy Coach every month. Have questions? Want feedback from someone who has created results for over 1000 Etsy sellers, instead of some random YouTuber? That's what this event is all about!

Full Access to the Birch Please content vault. Whether it's a course we already released, templates or webinars...You have free reign!






Everything that you can do with your monthly Birch Please membership... ⬇️

Get everything in monthly, and save $78 per year over paying every single month.

New Etsy Course monthly

Group Shop Critique Event

Live Q+A Event

Full Access to the Vault

New Etsy Course monthly

Group Shop Critique Event

Live Q+A Event

Full Access to the Vault

What if YOU Could Skyrocket Your Etsy Shop?

"My sales have skyrocketed! I recently reached 30,000 sales and my sales this year have doubled from the previous year. I have clear-cut goals and step-by-steps on how to reach them."



"I dove right into the course material…First, my sales have picked up significantly. Second, I feel like I know what I’m actually doing now, which leads to a LOT less stress."



"You know something is missing. The worst that can happen is you realize this isn’t it. The best that can happen is you find out this is exactly what has been missing the entire time. like I did!"




How Does Birch Please Work?

Do I Get 1:1 Attention from an Etsy Coach?

To be clear, all live events in Birch Please are GROUP events. You will be on a call with multiple sellers. If you want 1:1 attention from an Etsy coach who's talking to YOU and only you -- then you'll need to invest in a higher priced program, like our Etsy Success Tribe or Power Seller.

What Should I Expect Each Month?

As a paid member, every month you'll get FOUR reminder emails:

  1. Reminder to submit your shop for group critiques (you can add the event to your calendar + submit your shop with a form)
  2. Reminder to submit any questions you have for the live Q+A (plus a link to add this event to your calendar)
  3. New Course email - we'll let you know when your new course for the month is ready to watch!
  4. We'll tell you when there's a replay available (you can always watch unlimited event replays, whether you attend or not!)

To use your Birch Please membership, all you gotta do is sit back, relax...And wait for these emails to direct you through the process! Easy peasy 👍

How Do I Sign Up for Live Events?

You'll get an email 2x per month about events. All you need to do is open that email, and you'll be able to add the event to your calendar, see the zoom link, and submit your question or shop URL for a critique 😊 You can also check what events are coming by going to the "Live Events" page whenever you want!

How Do I Get My Etsy Course Each Month?

Once per month, we send out an email to premium members letting them know a new course is waiting. You can always check for new courses by looking at the "Members Only" page too!

Will I Get a Shop Critique EVERY Single Month?

In all likelihood, probably not. Here's why: If you GET a critique and then come back for another one (without making the changes suggested) – our coach will CALL you on that! If you want to make progress, you need to actually DO SHIT. You won't get another critique until you actually start MAKING CHANGES. 

We do this so you take our advice seriously. You don't need another program that just spews information at you (and creates no results). It's up to YOU to take our advice and create results. We won't dole out more advice until you make an effort!

Ready to make LEGIT PROGRESS on Etsy?

(It's about time!) Give yourself the chance to make *ACTUAL* changes instead of just throwing non-stop items at your to-do list...Whaddaya say?

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