When you sell on Etsy, you’re pursuing ONE big fat goal, all day, everyday. And it looks like this:

How can you make as many sales as possible?

It’s not a riddle or a trick question (sorry bridge trolls) — but it’s the one thing I get asked about ALL. THE. TIME.

And it makes sense, right?

For anyone who wants to sell on Etsy, getting sales flowing is kind of *the most important thing*

There’s just one HUGE problem that pops up when you decide to sell on Etsy:

What if you already have an artistic identity, a brand, a personality…whatever you want to call it…BUT that identity you crafted so carefully…

It’s not getting you any Etsy SALES. 😭😭😭

Oh, snap…What now???

REALITY CHECK, kids: You can do EVERYTHING right on Etsy. You can have flawless photos, perfect SEO, and enough items to get found.

All of that means literally NOTHING if customers aren’t interested in your products.

⇡ And if you’re doing everything RIGHT, but getting ZERO sales…Then let me be the first to tell you:

You gotta sell shit on Etsy that PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT.

Or maybe you noticed OTHER people selling an item on Etsy, and you figured you could sell it too!

WAKE UP CALL: Just because someone sells something on Etsy DOES NOT mean they’re making a profit doing it!

I have a video tutorial dedicated to this exact phenomenon here.

And you may be thinking — “That’s not true for me!! I sell something that I KNOW is popular!”

Jewelry and Art Print sellers, I’m looking at YOU!!

But selling something that is DEFINITELY popular actually makes it even harder to ENSURE you get the sales you want…

Because you’re constantly fighting to be the BEST, most interesting item on a page (customers ARE NOT interested in buying something they can get anywhere…They want YOU to impress them).

Ultimate Guide: Get More Etsy Sales with a PROVEN Process

But before we get into specifics, let’s solve the REAL problem that’s happening in your shop:

You Need to Sell What People *WANT* on Etsy.

But how the hell do you know what customers want?!? I mean if you knew that, you’d be rich already…right?

Well, as it turns out: Etsy has an entire page dedicated to Trends that is always worth checking.

You can use this page to get a broad sense of what people are shopping for on Etsy right at this very moment.

But sometimes, those results can be a little too specific to be helpful.

Like when your social media analytics tells you 8 people in the Netherlands watched your Insta story. Yayyy… I think?

Better example: a graphic designer doesn’t need to know that chunky costume jewelry is HOT and selling fast this summer.

Thankfully, there are EASIER ways to research what’s selling on Etsy!

And these methods will actually help you get more customers, more sales, and more profits.


How to Figure Out What’s Selling on Etsy NOW

The easiest way to know what’s selling now?

Look at the Editor’s Picks within the category you’re already selling. (Here’s an index of everything)

So let’s say you’re a jewelry maker, looking at the Editor’s Picks within that category

Peeping at what’s trending can tell you what types of products you need to put in your shop NOW.

And this is NOT about copying what you already see.

Let me just repeat that because it’s IMPORTANT:

This is NOT about copying what you find in the Editor’s picks!! When you put YOUR OWN creative spin on what you see, that’s how major trends are MADE.

And being the first shop to make a trend happen is $ LUCRATIVE $.

So maybe you noticed that light green, woodland, and calligraphy are all trending right now.

You can combine those three trends into a LINE of items (6-12 items)…Or you can try them each individually.

From there, you can do a little more digging on the shops that have really high sales numbers, and find out what items are selling best, so you can get new ideas for your shop.

BUT — That same strategy won’t work quite as well for someone selling art prints…

For example, if we look at the Editor’s Picks for Art & Collectibles, they’re all different images, but it’s still the same type of item over and over again:

Art prints.

Because an art print is an art print.

Now, don’t get me wrong, selling art prints can be awesome (and profitable).

In fact, offering digital downloads of your work is a super-easy way to spice up your offerings and reach new buyers with different price points.

But if you’re in this boat: get creative about how you brainstorm new products.

So here’s a golden rule that works no matter HOW you do your research…

Always know what’s actually selling before you invest the time, energy, and yes, money — into creating something.

Don’t just create something because you “think” it will sell.

You should always have a RUNNING LIST of items that are currently selling. And you should use that list to figure out what you need to sell next.

And don’t forget to look at places like Pinterest or this article packed with my latest Etsy predictions for ideas about what’s trending too!

Or Just Use a Tool That Tells You What to Sell

Truth is, sometimes it’s DAMN hard to figure out what you should be selling.

That’s where a TOOL can do the work for you.

If you want CRYSTAL CLEAR details on what’s selling in your niche, then see how I do it here ⇣ ⇣

In this video, I review some tools that will do the heavy lifting for you.

The main one I strongly recommend (even if you only use it a couple times a year to stay on top of trends) is Merchant Words.*

(* affiliate link…remember that affiliate links allow me to continue writing you big blog articles like this one for FREE!)

I reached out to Merchant Words and grabbed you a discount on their software if you want to try it. Just click here and use code “FBIRCH” to get 40% off.

Merchant Words is the tool that BIG sellers RELY ON. It’s technically for Amazon, but there’s no platform that will tell you more about what people want than the biggest retail platform ever (aka AMAZON!!)

When it comes to my TOP Etsy sellers (those making $3000+ every month) — every SINGLE ONE of them relies on Merchant Words. That’s all I need to know, if it’s working for them, it’s where I wanna be!

The other two tools are Marmalead — this is the tool I used to get my first 500 sales on Etsy. It took less than 6 months, and I did it with Marmalead alone 😊 (get a 14-day Free Trial of Marmalead here).

And finally, there’s Erank (the free version does everything you need!)

So get snooping, y’all!

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