When it comes to Etsy traffic, you’ve probably heard the *standard* horror story:

“I was getting tons of Etsy traffic, and everything was great! Then one day, BAM!! It all just went away!” 😭😭😭

Holy shit. Insert FREAK OUT here.

You’re telling me that all this Etsy traffic I’m getting can just DISAPPEAR one day??

Why even TRY?? Should I just give up NOW??

Don’t worry Buttercup, Etsy traffic may seem scary to those OTHER sellers…But I’m gonna teach you how to keep your Etsy SEO UPDATED.

The easy way. As in, you’re always good, ALL THE TIME, and you never have to worry about the DREADED traffic dip. 😱

Etsy seo and Etsy traffic joke
Other sellers be like “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!” And you’re just chillin’…

As it turns out, you can audit YOUR OWN Etsy SEO pretty quickly!

And based on what you see, you’ll know pretty quickly if your tags and titles are totally outdated...or 100% ready to go!

Wanna see how to do it?

I made you an EXTRA LONG Six Minute Makeover this week. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A super easy system for finding what’s working NOW on Etsy
  • A method that checks whether you’re using PERFECT words in your title
  • A step-by-step look at optimizing your tags and titles for MAXIMUM traffic

Ready to give it a shot?? It’s all waiting for you in THIS VIDEO ⇣

Figure out if your Etsy SEO is Outdated

Want YOUR OWN Six Minute Makeover?

Well, we don't do this level of work for free. If you're ready to make BIG changes in your shop, and you're prepared to put in the TIME it takes to actually get results...

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