Why is a similar Etsy store doing better than mine?

Is Etsy playing favorites or is it something else?

Sometimes, you have to do a little digging to see what you DON'T see at first...And so commences our first ever cyberstalking podcast episode 🤣

Today, our seller wants to know why a store *just like hers* is making 3-4x more sales. And that's exactly what we'll find out.

I’ll be doing a little of that “light & polite” digging to help my client figure it out. ⬇️

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:29] Are you frustrated that a similar store is doing better than yours?
  • [2:03] How to dig deeper into what your competition is doing.
  • [4:08] The *SUBTLE* differences you can’t see on the surface of a store.
  • [6:41] Are you willing to do what they are doing to get where they are getting?

Let's Compare!

Alright. Honesty time: Comparing yourself to the competition is a MAD EVIL mind trap...

When you fall down that rabbit hole, you're gonna spend 90% of your time running furiously around the "I'm not good enough, and I shouldn't even try!" hamster wheel.

⬆️ I FULLY believe that comparison is the their of joy...But we're gonna set that aside for today's episode. ⬆️

Instead of stealing all your joy with a comparison exercise, I'm here to prove that YOU'RE DOING COMPARISON WRONG.

Which is why you always feel like a massive pile of sh*t whenever you look at other shops.

So in the name of HEALTHY comparison, check out today's episode and see how you can do it BETTER. ⬆️ ⬆️

Adapt what your competitor is doing to fit your needs.

When we dug deeper into my client's shop, we ultimately found her competitor was putting a great deal of effort into things our seller didn't even want to TOUCH.

After going through all of this, I sat down with my seller and I said, what are your thoughts here?

And she said, "I had no idea how many tools this person was using that I wasn't. And honestly, if you think about it, how much more time is she spending interacting with and using these tools?"

Our seller is a busy mom. She had to evaluate if she wanted to use these tactics or go in a different direction.

Knowing what you’re NOT doing opens doors for growth... But NOT ALL doors are right for you – and examining your competition can show you that you're ready to go in a TOTALLY different direction.

Action Plan: Traffic Tweaks to Beat Your Competitors

Resources & People Mentioned

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