This is the all-too-common story about beautiful photos that were getting NO sales...

But there’s a happy ending to this photo fiasco.

Today's seller, Teph, figured out what was wrong with her photos, corrected the problem, and began to see her sales grow.

You can do the same thing. And while it’s a bit of a pain, it leads to sales that JUST FLOW.

Imagine if your sales never stopped, and you had to do LESS work to get them!

THAT is what the right photography can do for your Etsy shop.

Listen. Learn. Modify. And watch the sales come in. Listen above to see how ⇡

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:59] Do you want to grow to over 400 sales in just a couple of months?
  • [3:34] Why beautiful images may not be the best converting images
  • [6:04] Teph’s 2nd adjustment — the one that really paid off
  • [9:14] Why photos are such an important part of your listing
  • [12:51] The KEY issue you want to nail in product photos

Many Etsy sellers think their photos are good enough...But they just plain AREN'T!!

I hear lots of Etsy sellers — typically the ones making 5 - 15 sales per month...Telling me that their product photos are good enough.

“They’re working for me,” is what they say.

Really? OK, if you’re content with 15 sales per month, maybe they are working.

But what about if you want to triple, quadruple, or massively move your sales higher? Are your photos GOOD ENOUGH then?

I don’t think so. Listen to find out why (and how to fix it).

What’s the most important thing about your product photos? Your product!

Teph discovered that although her product photos were beautiful (and they were), they were not able to sell her products. Why?

Because they confused buyers. There were so many things going on in her beautiful photos that buyers weren't sure what she was selling.

What did she do? She zoomed in on her product. She made it obvious. She revamped the focus and her sales began to rise.

Listen to learn how you can do the same thing. ⇡

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