Etsy SEO Done for Me…Worth it or Terrible Idea??

Let’s face it, Etsy SEO is a major pain in the ass.

End of sentence, there is no more.

Even the most experienced sellers seem to daydream about a world where SEO is just SIMPLER.

(Cut to an alternate universe where tags and titles select themselves…)😱 🤯

For the uninitiated, SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Translation? A critical step where you select words that get your Etsy items FOUND by the people who want to buy them.

For the initiated, you already know that SEO can be pure HELL.


Because OVER 50 MILLION active Etsy listings are trying to appear in search at once…

And they all want one thing… to be on the first page of search.

AKA the competition is FIERCE 😭, and not in a good way.

Search engine stats from Google say that the first page of search results will capture 71% of all clicks (on average) — by contrast, the second page gets a pathetic 6%.

Which can make your job of standing out, pretty fuckin’ hard…

On the one hand, who can blame them?

SEO is constantly evolving right in front of your eyes…So why keep up with the infinite treadmill?? ⇣

Etsy seo joke
⇡ The never-ending cycle of Etsy SEO ⇡

Even seemingly small details like whether you list something as a “shirt” or a “tshirt” can cost you thousands of views (and dollars).

That’s just in the title alone.

We haven’t even MENTIONED tags, item descriptions, and all those SECRET places you can cram extra SEO.

Auditing your Etsy SEO to see if it’s outdated is something you can typically do yourself.

(If you want to give it a shot, I break down how to conduct your own audit here — but be warned, if you have a lot of items in your shop or aren’t exactly tech-savvy, you’ll want to keep reading.)

Turns out that diagnosing your SEO isn’t nearly as difficult as fixing it, and this is where a lot of Etsy sellers get into trouble.

Do I have your attention? Your FULL attention?

What I’m about to share with you is the absolute most important thing you need to understand about Etsy SEO…

Once you make a change, you can’t undo that decision.

Sure — if an item’s new title isn’t working as well as the old one, you can change it back.

But it won’t perform like it used to because you just moved yourself to the back of the line.

What am I talking about?? I review exactly what Etsy bots DO when you change your title or tags in my Etsy SEO Horror Stories (⇠here).

That’s why it’s so critical that EVERY. SINGLE. Etsy SEO change you make is done slowly, deliberately, and with a shit ton of research to back it up!!

But that doesn’t even cover what happens when there’s an SEO update…

In a perfect world, once you learn Etsy SEO it would just be something you use over and over, and everything would be peachy and you’d have your own theme song.

BUT we don’t live in a perfect world…😡

Etsy routinely makes its own updates (like their recent decision to give listings with free shipping a BOOST).

All these friggin’ updates (that seem to pop out of nowhere) need to be researched and implemented ALL the DAMN time.


AND even if you do everything right, and manage to get your item on the first page of results…

You won’t keep that spot unless you’re making enough sales for Etsy to justify giving you such prime real estate.

(Making sales takes a holistic approach that involves so much more than just SEO!! Listen to me and Brett Blumenthal of Tiny Toes Design break down how she reached over 11,000 sales on Etsy on my podcast here!)

All things considered, I TOTALLY understand why some sellers give up on SEO.

But that doesn’t make it the right decision.

⇡ Giving up on Etsy SEO can HURT than it helps!⇡ 

At the end of the day, Etsy’s goal is actually the same as yours — to make as many sales as possible.

SEO is simply the best way to align those goals.

So even though it’s tough, it’s still 1000% necessary for your business to succeed.

But just because your Etsy shop needs to have SEO, that doesn’t mean you need to be the one doing the work.

There are TOOLS that can do the heavy lifting for you! I have an entire FREE COURSE about it! ⬇️

Action Plan: Perfect Etsy Tags With a Tool

And if you’re not really sure what you’re doing…

And you don’t think you’ll  EVER have ANY interest in SEO…

Then why are YOU the one tinkering around with something that could cost you THOUSANDS in lost sales and YEARS worth of progress??


That’s why I’ve assembled a dream team of successful Etsy sellers who LOVE doing SEO (so you don’t have to!)

Can you believe there are actually people out there who LOVE doing SEO??

It might seem too good to be true, but I used to be one of them! Back when I had a corporate job, I did SEO and websites for a Fortune 500 company.

And during that time, I learned to love SEO because when you get it RIGHT, it’s FUN AF!

(Because who doesn’t like it when you hit the jackpot??!?)

So if you feel like your shop is in the traffic-challenged category…

You can just hire an EXPERT Etsy seller to plug your shop into better traffic ⇣

Get a 10 Listing Audit from a fellow seller who’s made THOUSANDS of sales (thanks to SEO).

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