JILL’S ADVICE: Boost Etsy Traffic Using Pinterest Video Pins

We all need a little video in our lives, right? But you haven’t seen much of it on Pinterest — until now. Pinterest is rolling out video pins and today’s seller, Jill, is making the most of them.

On this episode Jill explains what a video pin is, why you should be using them.

Oh, and did I also mention she’ll tell you how to create them and use them over and over???

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⇡ When life gets four steps easier because you did basically nothing ⇡

What can video pins do for you?? Listen to find out how Jill blew up her traffic with them!

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:02] Did you know Pinterest is ASKING for video pins now?
  • [4:27] If you give Pinterest what it wants, it will rank you!
  • [6:05] The magic of Jill’s advice is summed up in one word: REPURPOSE
  • [9:48] Video on Pinterest get’s people engaged more. That’s the point, right?

Pinterest is ASKING for video pins now. So why don’t you help them out?

It’s great when we are able to get into the very first wave of a new approach a platform takes — because we get to ride the initial wave of interest the platform itself has in the feature.

That’s what is happening on Pinterest right now. The platform has introduced a “beta” version of video pins and when you use them, your pins WILL rank in search, no question.

Jill explains how important it is for us to take advantage of this opportunity to get more traffic to Etsy so we can make more money. Listen. Now. ⇡

Action Plan: Use Pinterest to Get More Etsy Traffic

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