Today I wanna address the big FAT elephant in the room and talk about your COMPETITION on Etsy.

Oh yes, I am indeed about to go there.

Every seller on the planet eventually comes across some INFURIATING shop on Etsy — someone who’s doing something damn similar to you…yet they started AFTER you did…

And somehow they’re doing BETTER than you are!

What the actual fuck is that about?

🚫 How is that competitor of yours making 100’s of sales each month??
🚫 You guys are selling the same category of stuff…what makes them so special??
🚫 Why aren’t your items FLYING off the shelves TOO??

After all that, here’s how you PROBABLY feel about your competition… ⇣ ⇣

sales on Etsy
Why yes, please continue to be infuriating…

So let me start by telling you this:

This little *experience* happens to literally 99% of Etsy sellers.

We all eventually find someone who, despite starting LATER than we did, is doing BETTER than we are.

And there’s no nice way to say it: this fucking SUCKS.

But here’s the reality of your situation:

This person just knows something you don’t. And usually, it’s just a case of exactly what I’m about to tell you:

When your competitor is outselling you, that’s because they KNOW the customer BETTER.

I know, I know…that might be an infuriating statement for you — how the HELL are you supposed to know what your customer wants?? They don’t talk to you…they don’t tell you…and they sure as hell aren’t making it easy for you!!

In today’s Six Minute Makeover, our Coaching Student is having this exact problem.

There’s NO reason she shouldn’t be selling MORE.

While her competitors are literally knocking it out of the park, she’s sitting on just a handful of sales.

But if you look at her shop, she’s done everything she’s SUPPOSED to do…

✔ She’s got plenty of items
✔ Her pictures are definitely good enough to sell
✔ She knows her target audience, and is only selling items for them

So why isn’t it WORKING?? Why are the sales STILL dripping in slow af??

Ah well, as it turns out, her customers are sending a CLEAR message about what they want, and her competitors hear it, loud and clear!

Why is Everyone Getting Sales on Etsy But ME??

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