Ready to see what Etsy news and Etsy trends were breakout stars in February and March 2021?

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Common Patterns:

✅ Black History month – celebrate Black-owned shops and messages of equality this season!
✅ Craft kits: Many people are still in lockdown...give your customers something fun to kill the time!
✅ Coin necklaces and gold are on 🔥🔥🔥 Get IN on the minimalistic jewelry trend by offering more delicate gold bits and bobs!
✅ Botanicals: It's about to be spring, so let's give buyers the burst of spring style they're begging for.
✅ RAINBOWS – because we're all ready to see the light at the end of the storm.

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Common Patterns:

✅ Delicate gold jewelry – there are TWO in the top 100 right now! If you can sell minimalistic jewelry customers will clearly go nuts for it.
✅  Personalized items AGAIN...buyers want to put their name on it!
✅ Masks, candles, and personal makeover items continue to kill it on Amazon. (This trend is ⬆️ since fall 2020). People want to remake everything: their homes, their minds, and their look! Offer customers easy ways to upgrade whatever they want on a whim – with the season, their mood, etc!

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The Myth of “Good Enough” Photography for Your Etsy Shop
Are your Etsy photos good enough? If just a few sales every month is all you need, then they probably are. But if you want to boost your Etsy sales, then your photos can ALWAYS improve. See what happens when you edit your photos in today’s podcast about selling on Etsy.
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Want Etsy Photos Done for You? Creative Market can do that!
Feel like you’re a terrible Etsy photographer? Wanna make your Etsy products look UNBEARABLY beautiful, but not sure how to make it happen? Today we’ll talk about Creative Market, the tool I used to cheat my way to perfect photos on Etsy.
Why is it TAKING So Long for Etsy to WORK??
Should you give up on Etsy if it doesn’t start working right away? How long until your first sale on Etsy? If your Etsy shop isn’t doing much, you might be really worried, but this article will help you decide whether your shop is normal or not.
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Should You Have a Wide Variety of Etsy Items?
Should You Have a Wide Variety of Etsy Items or Start Multiple Shops? Eclectic shops might seem like a good idea, but find out if they actually SELL in today’s replay!
Live Etsy Shop Critiques: Printables, Paper Products, and Sneakers
Watch our Etsy coaches critique five different shops: from paper products to printables, stickers, and sneakers! Watch the replay and see if your shop is making any of the same mistakes!
Live Q+A Replay: Do Videos for Etsy Listings Affect Your SEO?
Should you be adding a video to your Etsy items? Will that boost your traffic and SEO? Find the answer to this and your other burning Etsy questions in today’s live Q+A replay!
What’s Clogging Up Your Etsy Sales?
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REMINDER: Start Prepping EARLY for these BIG SELLING Holidays in 2021 ⬇️

🐇 Easter (April 4th)
👩 Mother's Day (US: May 9th / UK: March 14th)
🌈 Pride Month (June)

Etsy Tells Us: Home Decor That's Selling NOW

Should you be selling candles this year??

Corona has led to an INSANE level of hyper-focus on home decor...How your surroundings feel and how they make YOU feel really matters when you're at home 24/7.

Buyers are looking for NEW ways to decorate, and Etsy is covering all the top sellers for you HERE. ⬇️

Home & Living: Category Insights, Trends, and Tips
Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more.

One of the big items that's trending this year is candles...

And as it turns out, you can add these to your shop in the CLICK of a button, even if you've never made a candle before in your life.

Printed Mint just started offering candles as one of their Print on Demand items at the end of 2020:

Try Printed Mint Candles HERE.

So there's no excuse for missing out on this trend!

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