Ready to see what Etsy news and Etsy trends were breakout stars in January 2021?

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Common Patterns:

✅ SKY BLUE – we're seeing it everywhere this season! Make sure you offer some of your items in light blue for 2021.
✅ Home and living are on 🔥🔥🔥. People are living mindfully at home. The pandemic is fueling home makeovers like never before. Offer home decor pieces if you can!
✅ PLANTS, plants and plants...2021 is continuing the botanical trend that took off back in 2019. Natural colors, green hues, depictions of plants and ACTUAL plants are taking off already in 2021 🪴

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Editors’ Picks - Etsy
Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more.

Common Patterns:

✅ Customized items – there are TWO in the top 100 right now! If you can add a name to your Amazon items, customers will clearly go nuts for it.
✅ We're seeing home decor AGAIN...that's because home makeovers don't stop on Etsy! Keep it going with home items for your Amazon shop.
✅ Masks, craft, and personal makeover items continue to kill it on Amazon. (This trend is ⬆️ since fall 2020). People want to remake everything: their homes, their minds, and their look! Offer customers KITS or easy ways to upgrade whatever they want.

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Crest for Etsy: The Tools that Does Etsy Tags and Titles for You
What if there was a TOOL that literally helped you edit your Etsy tags and titles AS you write them?? What if it told you exactly what to do to create the best Etsy SEO possible? Let’s find out!! ⇣ ⇣

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REMINDER: Start Prepping EARLY for these BIG SELLING Holidays in 2021 ⬇️

❤️ Valentine's Day (Feb 14th)
🐇 Easter (April 4th)
👩 Mother's Day (US: May 9th / UK: March 14th)
🏳️‍🌈 Pride Month (June 2021)

Etsy Suggests This Creative Idea for 2021:

"Miss You" Shopping is gonna be BIG this year!

Corona has prevented travel, holiday visits, parties, weddings...And it's quickly becoming our new normal for 2021, too. 😑

Buyers are looking for NEW ways to communicate, stay in touch, and enjoy friends from afar.

Not sure if "Miss you" items are right for your shop?? This new category ERUPTED on Amazon and Etsy in 2020, growing to epic proportions in less than 2 months.

Translation: these items are in DEMAND, and customers BUY them REGULARLY (for multiple friends and family members! Can you say REPEAT sales??!?)

That means MORE profit for you.

You can turn just about ANYTHING into a Corona gift. See what's trending in this category on Etsy HERE.

Ready about this and Etsy's OTHER 2021 suggestions here:

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