Um, so yeah…

Your shop is getting a bunch of traffic and you have NO IDEA where it’s coming from.

Etsy is telling you “DIRECT TRAFFIC”…which means…ahem: JACK SHIT 💩💩💩

Direct traffic Etsy
Did Etsy just HALLUCINATE all this extra traffic??

If you’re like the average Etsy seller, you spend half your day being productive af…making products, shipping items, answering convos, etc…

And the OTHER HALF of your day is spent STARING at stats like “what kind of crack is Etsy smoking???”

We’ve all heard the rumors that stats aren’t 100% accurate, and things don’t always look right all the time…

But you may have noticed that DIRECT TRAFFIC just keeps coming…

Even after Etsy makes adjustments, all that direct traffic of yours is still there.

But Etsy isn’t TELLING YOU what “direct traffic” means. They CLAIM it’s people who type your URL in…or people who bookmarked your shop.

But honestly Etsy, one look at my stats (above ⇡) and there’s NO FRIGGIN’ WAY 23,000 people just decided to bookmark my shop.

direct traffic Etsy
Etsy, Your Logic Doesn’t Work Here

Where is all this traffic coming from? How can you USE it if you don’t know what caused it??


Don’t worry, I got you Buttercup!!

Watch this video to see what I dug up about DIRECT TRAFFIC

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