OMFG, I literally CANNOT believe it...

Someone FINALLY got hip to what we REALLY need on Etsy and created the ultimate tool for Etsy SEO (!!!!)

Crest for Etsy SEO
When you can't even.

Alright, so -- you're probably wondering WHAT I'm talking about and WHERE you can try it!

This new tool is called CREST and you can see what it's all about RIGHT DOWN HERE

Crest - Blog - Introducing Crest
Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the immediate release of Crest, a clean and modern analytics tool for Etsy sellers with a dedicated focus on location.

But before you do, let's dive into how it works ⇣ ⇣

What Does Crest Do?

Crest is technically a "customer analytics" tool. That's just a fancy way of saying that it shows you what your customers WANT and are SEARCHING FOR.

But as a lovely SIDE EFFECT of all this ⇢ it knows what's WRONG (or right!) with your TAGS, TITLES, and DESCRIPTIONS.

Yes, hunty -- you heard me right:

Crest knows what's WRONG with your tags, titles, and descriptions.

And it SHOWS YOU exactly how to fix them.

Cue this adorable gif I made you of me fixing one of my titles ⇣

Crest for Etsy SEO and Traffic
⇡ How Crest Fixes Your Etsy Tags, Titles, and Descriptions ⇡

Can I See it in Action??

Why yes you can!! Here's a video where I show you the JUICY BITS ⇣

Where Can I Try It?

Wanna see all that Crest can do?? All that is right here

Crest - Blog - Introducing Crest
Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the immediate release of Crest, a clean and modern analytics tool for Etsy sellers with a dedicated focus on location.

Ready to just create an account already? [ DO THAT HERE ⇣ ]

Crest - Register
The customer analytics tool for Etsy sellers

Looking for the discount code I promised? ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

[ Use code "CRESTFUZZYANDBIRCH15" ] for 15% off!

Here's Why I LOVE the SHIT out of Crest:

So when I came across this tool, I *IMMEDIATELY* realized something:

  • Etsy updates their SEO constantly.
  • No seller is ever 100% sure what to do with their tags and titles, and we all argue back and forth about it constantly.
  • We are ALWAYS trying to keep up with these updates, and it's a never-ending EYE ROLL 🙄 that many of you legit DREAD.

What if we could just use ONE TOOL and stop questioning EVERYTHING???

That's why I love me some Crest.

For Many of You, There will STILL be SEO Questions...

The fact is, you're SO used to questioning everything -- and hearing a MILLION different pieces of contradictory advice...

Your brain is just USED to the struggle.

I get it (oh TRUST -- I super get it!)...BUT hear me out for a sec:

When you get USED to the struggle, and something BETTER comes along (aka it's easy and simple)...

You often will REFUSE to believe it's true.

In fact, if you're always on the struggle bus, your brain will actually REPEL things that make your life easier.

Is that you?? Do you think this thought A LOT? - "Well there's no way that works, it must be a scam!"

Another common one I hear is, "That will only work for OTHER people, not me. My shop is different, things don't work for me."

BOTH OF THOSE ⇡ ⇡ are an excuse your brain tells you because deep down, it believes you have to STRUGGLE to succeed.

But you DON'T have to struggle to succeed.

In fact, the most successful people in the world have LOTS of free time and spend the majority of their lives doing what they WANT...Not what they HAVE to do!

Anything that can make things easier for you is WORTH a TRY.

You won't like everything you try, and that's ok. What I want to make sure you learn is this:

You MUST be willing to try new things. Or else life can NEVER get any better!

What if I Don't Like What Crest Suggests?...

Some of you are going to see Crest's suggestions and think, "well so-and-so says I shouldn't do that..."

Or you're going to wonder, "Is this the most updated advice?? Should I even follow it?"

So for you SKEPTICS out there (👊 fist bump sister, I see you!) -- here's what I suggest:

COPY your 10 most popular listings and give it a try!!

Copying a listing can't hurt! Your original is still intact and working for you.

Then we can test that copy with Crest to see if it causes any additional traffic.

So if you take your most POPULAR items, make a copy and update your SEO by following Crest's suggestions...

Well, then we both know that *MAY WELL* lead to MAD CRAZY traffic!!

Most sellers have just one or two items that bring MOST of their shop traffic:

Crest for Etsy SEO
⇡ The most popular listings FAR outpace everything else! ⇡

So optimizing those listings with what I call a "CREST COPY" -- aka a listing you duplicate, then optimize the COPIED listing with Crest's suggestions (keep your original!) -- Trying this can only help!

The worst that happens is your traffic stays EXACTLY the same, and you move on with your life.

But what happens if your traffic suddenly grows faster than ever?? Worth the risk if you ask me ⇣

Crest for Etsy SEO encouragement

If you're sick of WAITING for Etsy to WORK, then you might want to consider some Etsy coaching.

Most people just hop on google and search for "Etsy tricks" to make more sales.

But I have news for you – if YOU found that Etsy trick for free, then so did EVERY. ONE. ELSE.

Common advice is OVERUSED until it doesn't work anymore.

And ultimately, your shop is more unique than you think. It's not like your competitor's or anyone else's...Otherwise you'd be seeing identical results.

Here's a shocker: there's no MAGIC SECRET you're missing.

People who succeed on Etsy decided a long time ago that they were just gonna be STUBBORN, and keep trying until they succeed.

None of this "I'm giving myself three months to see if this works..."

That's a BS excuse...And it ENCOURAGES you to just walk away if the world doesn't hand you exactly what you asked for on a silver platter.

And the fact is, you WILL be disappointed if you just wait for "the universe" to "make it happen".

The universe doesn't hand people shit on a silver platter.

But YOU can make it happen for YOURSELF.

Is it time for you to BE STUBBORN and keep trying until you succeed?

If you're READY to get your PROFIT on, let us help you make it happen faster.

We do individual attention (cause your shop IS unique), Etsy courses, and tactics that are HIDDEN from the rest of the internet.

Find out more here. ⬇️

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