If you’re like me, one of the most tedious parts of running an Etsy shop up are all those damn PHOTOS you need for well...basically EVERYTHING.

Etsy products, shop design, logos, branding, social media...You name it, and it needs a PHOTO.

After spending countless hours making a kick-ass product (Hint: checkout my post on what items SELL OUT on Etsy 😉), the last thing you want to do is spend even MORE time photographing it from EVERY. SINGLE. ANGLE.

Enter Creative Market.

Creative Market offers all sorts of photos and services to help you enhance your Etsy shop.

Usually it just takes A COUPLE clicks, and you can general dozens or even HUNDREDS of product photos for your Etsy shop!

In this post, I'll explain how Creative Market can make your life way easier and streamline your Etsy shop design process.

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What is Creative Market?

Creative Market is an online marketplace full of things made by graphic designers and professional photographers. They make items that YOU can use to make your Etsy shop look beautiful.

Want an example? ⇣

Here's a beautiful set of FRAME mockups ⇡ for people who sell art prints. Instead of taking pictures of your art prints at home, you can just pop your designs into a frame like this and POOF – instant Etsy product photos!

Want another example?

Here's how clothing shops can have SO MANY photos of just one shirt ⇣

⇡ Get this clothing mockup bundle right here.

In the case of Etsy shop owners, Creative Market is a fantastic place to find all the digital design goodies you need...

And BONUS: you are also supporting your fellow independent creatives!

Digital design goods available on Creative Market include:

  • Product Photos (called "Product mockups")
  • Graphics (like logos, Etsy banners, and SVG files)
  • Templates (for logos, cards, and social media posts)
  • Website Themes (make your website look PERFECT)
  • Fonts (find that font you keep seeing everywhere that you LOVE)
  • Add-ons for Photoshop (make your IG pics look PERFECT)
  • 3D Models (for things like 3D printing your own jewelry, etc)

When it comes to creating an Etsy shop that sells (with LESS effort), it is SUPER important to make your shop feel beautiful and professional to customers.

The best way to do that? Everything in your shop needs to be the HIGHEST quality possible...photos, graphic design, ALL of it.

Creative Market can help you put your best foot forward by supplying Etsy shop photos and graphic design assets that help you CRUSH your competition 😉

How do Etsy Sellers Use Creative Market?

Okay so Creative Market offers photography for sale – but how do Etsy sellers use those photos for their shops?

Creative Market photos can be used for:

  • For product mockups (think art print and painting mockups like these beautiful frames)
  • To download packs of product photos instead of photographing products themselves (all Bella + Canvas clothing blanks can be purchased either as product photos or on models)
  • For video footage – wanna use Etsy's new VIDEO feature to sell your items faster? (Try these video and photo frame mockups)
  • For design elements such as SVG’s (scalable vector graphics) and fonts that you can't find anywhere else. This Opulent font really blows other cursive fonts out of the water!
  • Photoshop filters so you can make customer photos look like painted artwork. (YES, really! You can press one button and convert a customer's photo into a custom art piece!) Just like in this Photo to Watercolor filter.

Aside from EPIC options I just listed up there ⬆️, I'm forgetting one BIG WAY Etsy sellers use Creative Market photos: to create a flawless shop banner photo.

When customers first look at your shop on Etsy, that first impression is HELLA important!

A well-designed store (with a beautiful shop banner) will mean MORE customers, and it helps your shop to stand out.

Creative Market is a great place to find images for your Etsy banner. Check out how many excellent results you get from a simple “Etsy banner image” search on Creative Market!

P.S. Wanna set up a successful Etsy shop FASTER? See how you can make more sales with these free Etsy tutorials.

How Much Time Can I Save with Creative Market?

How much time you'll save depends on how much time you are putting into your Etsy photos.

The reality is that running your own Etsy shop can be STUPID time-consuming. (If you're ready to get off that hamster wheel, do it here).

For your shop to be successful, you NEED high quality images that draw in customers. If you're not already paying much attention to your photos, then paying MORE attention to them will mean more time spent.

However, if being a bit OCD about photos is already a part of your process (👋 hi friend! I feel you 😉), using Creative Market will save you HOURS if not DAYS of work for every new product you create!

Consider this:

You could spend hours making aesthetically pleasing displays, setting up product photoshoots, and scheduling with models...


You could simply purchase pre-designed mock-ups from Creative Market for product photos and spend a couple hours doing ALL your shop photos at once.

Which one of those sounds faster to you?

DERP: the Creative Market option!! And with hundreds of packages to choose from, you can make your Etsy photos beautiful ASAP.

Just make sure you don't spend TOO much time shopping for photos!

How Much Would It Cost to Get all My Photos on Creative Market?

The amount it will costs to get all your photos on Creative Market is DIRECTLY related to how many items you have in your shop.

For instance, a general estimate for a clothing shop would be around $200/year for mockups.

That assumes our clothing seller has about 50-100 items in their shop.

Another thing to keep in mind is what type of licensing you are purchasing.

You can select from three license types: personal, commercial, or extended commercial.

Which license you decide on will affect your overall costs. Commercial and extended commercial are what I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for Etsy sellers, with the extended commercial allowing for *WAY* more uses.

Read Creative Market’s license break-down here, or check out this quick breakdown

Are There Other Ways to Get my Etsy Photos and Designs Done for Me?


If you have items that DON'T work in mockups (like the ones on Creative Market)...OR if you don't know HOW to put your product designs into mockups...

Meet Tribehire.

Creative Market and Tribehire for Etsy
⇡ You can hire other Etsy sellers to take photos or deal with mockups FOR YOU ⇡

Tribehire connects you with pro Etsy sellers and photographers so you can get the exact result you want...Even if you know nothing about taking photos (or using photoshop!)

Read more about Tribehire here, and see if it's right for you.

Should I Try Creative Market?

Yes! Yes! YES!!!

If you want your products to look beautiful and you wanna save time doing it, then get on the gravy train here! ⇣

Creative Market for Etsy photos joke
⇡ This is how I feel about Creative Market. Just do it ⇡

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