How You Can Handle Etsy Reviews In An Empowering Way…

Reviews. For some of us the word sends shivers up our spines.

Because it’s like waiting to hear whether you’ll be executed or not… ⇣ ⇣

Etsy customer service
⇡ Yes, reviews ARE this terrifying. ⇡

Those great reviews are wonderful. The bad ones - soul-crushing.

This episode features Etsy seller Brandi, who has only been on Etsy for a year… BUT she’s learned how important reviews are for her shop… AND how important they are for POTENTIAL sales.

So let’s chat about how YOU can respond to reviews the RIGHT way!!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:39] Brandi’s great experience with Etsy reviews so far… and what she’s hoping for
  • [3:26] Encouragement from a new Etsy seller: Leave those reviews!
  • [4:52] How can you respond to favorable review?
  • [6:35] Gratitude in regard to reviews… and my “When Things Suck” file folder
  • [8:30] How you can handle bad reviews better
  • [10:16] Superfans and Superhaters are both GREAT signs you’re doing something good
  • [11:53] Why you should NOT reply to negative reviews right away

What should you do in response to those soul-destroying reviews?

I’ve gotten some bad reviews on my Etsy shop. You can read the story about one of them at the link below in the resources section.

Those are no fun. Not at all.

But there is a silver lining behind that very dark cloud — a way to make lemonade from the lemons. In this episode I explain that to you, so don’t miss it.

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