Do you know what's really awful about most blogs and podcasts??

You can't find what you NEED when you NEED it.

There's so much content, it's completely overwhelming, and you just need this ONE THING and it's NOWHERE to be found.

So back to the endless google searching you go! 😓

Let's be honest: modern blogs are BROKEN.

They SHOULD give you content based on the PROBLEM you have – not what THEY want you to read.

So I decided to take EVERYTHING I've ever put on the internet about Etsy...


Meet Birch, Please! – Your New Source of Endless Etsy Tutorials ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

I organized all my Etsy content based on common PROBLEMS so you can find what you NEED from now on!

⇡ A menu based on YOU, not CONTENT! ⇡

It even comes with a ROBUST search function, built in (YUSS!! Finally!) ⬇️

⇡ You can ACTUALLY find stuff when you search Birch Please! (GASP!) ⇡

I took on the HUGE task of collecting all my content from EVERYWHERE on the planet (I'm still not done yet!), and I put it ALL into ONE simple place for you!

Wanna see what I'm talking about and have a look around? Just click the tile below to check out the NEW BLOG! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Birch, Please!
Endless Etsy Tutorials for More Sales. Make a profit online with No-Bullshit Etsy Advice that actually works.

I'm Almost Done Making Birch Please *PERFECT*👌  for You!

Rounding up all my Etsy content from across the interwebs turned out to be a bit of – well – a massively huge, incredibly time consuming PROCESS.

⇡ THEN: HEY, this will be fun and easy! / NOW: Oh, shhhhiiiittt... ⇡

And I'm DEFINITELY NOT done yet!

So you'll see LOTS of new stuff popping up over the coming months. If you want to see updates as I add them, just click below to visit Birch Please.

Then, bookmark the page! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Birch, Please!
Endless Etsy Tutorials for More Sales. Make a profit online with No-Bullshit Etsy Advice that actually works.
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Here's What You Can Expect Every Month

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This will be a completely free article that's specifically written for Etsy sellers. We'll be adding new Etsy article nearly every week, for ALL of 2021!

Here's a little preview of what's coming up for EVERYONE:

✅ Amazon Handmade vs Etsy - Are they both right for YOUR shop?
✅ Become the RULER of all Etsy Traffic - A strategy for non-stop traffic with just 3 months of work
✅ Meet the NEWEST Etsy SEO Tool that does your tags and titles FOR YOU!
✅ Improving your Product Photos so you can become a BIG SELLER, not just ANOTHER seller.

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Here are Some Articles That are POPPING OFF (already!) ⇣

Wanna see what's trending on Birch Please?? Here are the articles google tells us are read MOST right now:

ACTION PLAN: Perfect Your Etsy Tags with a Tool
Perfect Your Etsy Tags with a Tool (That Does it For You!) Wanna see How SEO pros get non-stop traffic in 3 easy steps? This action plan will get you more traffic within 2-4 months. You’ll learn to generate 100′s of tags in one click!
Push Past Your Upper Limit on Etsy (and REMOVE the friction between YOU and Profit)
On today’s podcast about selling on Etsy, we talk about pushing past your upper limit. That means doing ONE or TWO things that are the opposite of what you’d normally do -- challenging yourself in this way can lead to a huge sales increase! Just like it did for today’s guest, Rachelle.
Etsy Sellers Using Video Pins on Pinterest?? Does it Work?
Wanna up your Etsy pinterest marketing game? In today’s podcast about selling on Etsy, we’ll talk to a Pinterest expert about video pins. They’re easier than you think, and your Etsy traffic rewards will be HUGE...
How to get sales on Etsy
Wanna know how to get sales on Etsy? Wondering how long you need to wait until your first sale will come? HINT: If you haven’t had a sale in your first 30 days, you have a PROBLEM. You need to stop making this BIG mistake before you ever see a sale!

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That's the only way Etsy sales ramp up – Slow and Steady! So don't assume you can change ONE thing and see an instant profit explosion. That shit ISN'T REAL.

We're shooting for sales that go up GRADUALLY and STAY up when they get there. Staying focused and doing ONE THING at a time will get you just that! 👊

Meet Birch Please
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Hope you enjoy Birch Please! I spent my last 4 weeks working on it DAY and NIGHT, all with YOU in mind.

(I even worked all through Thanksgiving 🦃 – aka today, the day I'm writing this!)

This was something I wanted to do for Etsy Sellers everywhere – I think you deserve content that's easy to navigate...And I think you should be able to find what you're looking for AS FAST as possible.

Life is too short to read shitty, complicated blogs! I can't wait to be happy and organized together 😊

Come meet me on the NEW Birch Please Blog anytime:

Birch, Please!
Endless Etsy Tutorials for More Sales. Make a profit online with No-Bullshit Etsy Advice that actually works.