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STEP 1: Start with an Etsy Audit

Why You Need a Shop Audit FIRST:

✔ Let's see what's up in your shop right away!
✔ You'll get SIMPLE ideas of what to work on FIRST.
✔ The audit will help you correct Etsy RED FLAGS.
✔ Start on the right foot with a step-by-step audit ⬇️

STEP 2: Get All Your Etsy Courses

Get Started with Etsy Courses:

✔ See how you'll earn an Etsy course every month.
✔ Learn how to see *EVERY* course in the archives!
✔ Sit back and relax - we'll email you new courses.

STEP 3: Attend a LIVE Event

Ready to Ask Your Questions LIVE?

✔ Ask an Etsy coach any question!
✔ Submit a 2-question form to ask your question.
✔ Get monthly check-ins with regular Q+A's!
✔ Watch the Q+A anytime, members get unlimited access to replays!